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A Colts pre-draft visitor is getting rave reviews with from the AFC South team that picked him up instead ... the Peyton Manning choke artist or MVP media debate continues ... and much more in our Colts Quick Hits!

Not so special teams? Mike Tanier ranks the league's special teams units, and he has the Colts ranked #24 despite the addition of kicker Adam Vinatieri. The coverage teams were mediocre, and the team's salary cap situation prevents them from signing and retaining coverage specialists," he says. For his complete rankings and comments at, click here.

Former Colts Prospect Update: Brent Hawkins was one of the Colts' pre-draft visitors and could be a talent that slipped away. ColtPower classified him as a "Colts Hot Prospect" prior to the draft and pointed out that he was already familiar with defensive line coach John Teerlinck's approach to playing the D-line. Teelinck's son was Hawkins' coach, so he had him watch plenty of film of his father's star defensive ends, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. Hawkins, who registered an eye-opening 17 sacks in his senior season alone and was named the MVP of the Hula Bowl, is already drawing positive reviews from the Jaguars, who drafted him in the fifth-round of the NFL Draft in April. "He's fast off the edge. I think he's got special qualities as a pass-rusher," defensive coordinator Mike Smith said.

Ryan Leaf Update: Colts fans will never forget the great Ryan Leaf versus Peyton Manning debate that raged in the media and in NFL personnel offices across the country back in 1998. And while Manning is preparing for another run at the Lombardi Trophy, Leaf has now landed as a quarterbacks coach at Division II West Texas A&M -- for no pay. After packing on almost 50 pounds of weight (most of which he's now dropped) and going through a divorce, Leaf is trying to get his life back on track. He now looks back on the NFL stretch of his life as a very humbling experience. "It was the worst five or six years of my life, but I wouldn't be the person I am now without going through it," the 30-year old Leaf recently said during an interview with the Associated Press. "I don't feel bad for myself. I don't pout about it ...Collegiate football with me was the greatest time in my life, and that's why I'm doing what I'm doing."

Choke artistry? Joe West at predicts the outcome of the AFC South race this season. And although he picks the Colts to win the division, he takes a pretty nasty swipe at Colts quarterback Peyton Manning before complimenting his talent. "Despite QB Peyton Manning's choke artistry in big games, he's still a dominant force in the regular season," he says.

You've Got to Like How He Thinks: Dan Arkush at likes the Colts and the Seahawks as this year's Super Bowl favorites. "Peyton Manning will be the Offensive MVP, Dwight Freeney will be the Defensive MVP and Tony Dungy will be the Coach of the Year as the Colts dominate their division. Check out his complete predictions of how all the divisions will pan out here.

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