Colt Scout: New WR Marc Boerigter

Bill Polian tried to bring Marc Boerigter to the Colts years ago. So how does he fit in with the 2006 Colts? ColtPower's Jerry Langton provides his insight and analysis in his latest edition of Colts Scout.

Mark Boerigter, WR

6'3 (6031)/ 217 pounds / 4.49 estimated forty-time

2005 stats: 8-119-0 receiving with Kansas City

2006 preseason: 1-19-0 receiving with Green Bay

The player: Boerighter is a very large, strong and fast wide receiver with uncanny natural running ability. He caught 111 passes in a single CFL season, scored eight touchdowns in his first NFL season and shares the record for longest-ever touchdown reception in NFL history (99 yards). So why was he available this far into camp? Well, he has a few problems. Years of getting away by being the biggest, strongest and toughest at Hastings and then in the CFL has given him some bad habits. He's not a disciplined route-runner, will drop a few easy passes and occasionally make other frustrating mental mistakes. But, when he does get the ball in his hands, he's very special and is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. He also brings an excellent ability to run-block for a receiver. After a promising rookie year in 2002 (20-420-8 receiving), Boerigter's NFL career has been slowed by appendicitis, an ankle injury and a blown knee. The ill effects of those may have robbed him of some of his magic.

How he fits: Boerigter's future depends on two things — how big a toll his injuries have taken from his natural talent and how much mental discipline he shows on the field. I'd be mildly surprised if he doesn't make the team; but then, I was surprised he was cut by the Packers.

Reminds me of: Kelley Washington, an immensely talented former third-round pick by the Bengals, who has never been able to nail down a starting job because of a lack of discipline.

Photo: Robert Laberge/Getty Images

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