Colts Q&A: Ashlan Davis

While the Colts were still in training camp in Terre Haute, ColtPower's Ed Thompson had an opportunity to talk to Ashlan Davis about his role in the offense, his camp experience as a rookie and much more!

Ed Thompson: There's been plenty of focus on your quickness and big-play ability as a returns specialist, but where do you see yourself fitting in to the Colts offense?

Ashlan Davis: Right now I'm playing in the slot, but that's not to say I couldn't play outside. I would rather catch deep balls, but I'm just fine with catching the ball and running for yards. I really don't have a preference about which I do.

ET: Have you had a chance to catch some passes from Peyton Manning? And if so, what was that like for you?

AD: It made me realize what I had been missing as a receiver while in college. Usually I'd come out and break and I'd turn back and see the quarterback throwing it to me. The first time I was with Peyton, once I was downfield and had just turned around, the ball was already there. It was a lot of fun to catch passes from him. 

ET: I saw listed in one profile from your college days that two of your favorite receivers are Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Does Marvin Harrison know that you picked those two guys over him?

AD: (laughs) I don't think he does, actually I know he doesn't.

ET: What stands out about those two guys that made you pick them?

AD: Their desire to play the game. T.O. knows he's a good receiver and has confidence in his ability, and that's how I feel about my kick return ability. I just kind of like Randy Moss' speed and how he can jump over everybody else. I like the receivers who can catch the ball and run, who can be a dominant receiver, not just another receiver on the field.

ET: Tell us a bit about your training camp experience...

AD: I've been learning a lot. Compared to other teams, from what I'm hearing, it's not as difficult. I have a couple friends that play around the league and they've been telling me how their training camps have been going, and while it's not a cakewalk here, it's a lot nicer than what they've been telling me.

ET: Are you saying that in regards to how the rookies are treated or what those other teams put their guys through out on the field?

AD: I would say both.

ET: How are the rookies treated with the Colts? Are the veterans pretty good to you guys?

AD: Yeah, they don't give you a hard, hard time. They'll say "Rook, go get this, go get that," but it isn't too bad.

ET: Did the speed of the game take you by surprise in the opener against the Rams?

AD: Yeah. And you can't get used to the speed of the game from one or two plays here and there returning kicks…you need to break a sweat at least (laughs). When I actually did get to be on the field in the fourth quarter, I got a better feel for what it was like.

ET: What do you do to relax when you're not working at training camp?

AD: I'm actually just hanging out. I'm kind of a shy person, I just like to hang out and be around the guys. They might not know my name, but they know my face (laughs). After I get to know someone I'm not really shy…but I just like to sit around and laugh and talk with everybody.

ET: Who are some of the guys that you are hanging out with the most?

AD: Shaun King, of course Money (Montiese Culton), I talk to some of the other receivers like Brandon (Stokley) and Aaron (Moorehead). I ask them a lot of questions.

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