Lord Offers Plenty of Upside, Versatility

Safety Jammal Lord should be one of the young NFL free agents who gets snatched up quickly in the coming days. The former Nebraska quarterback who is now an NFL safety can contribute on either side of the ball for a team looking to bolster their talent and depth chart this season.

Ed Thompson:  After starting your NFL career with the Texans, you recently had the opportunity to join the Colts shortly after their training camp opened. What were some of the things they said you they liked about you?

Jammal Lord:  My speed, my size and how athletic I am at the position. They also said I had good hands. And they liked my ability to come in and play in a game after just a couple of days of practice with a new team -- and play well. They also liked how I could possibly play offense or defense. I really enjoyed playing there. Coach Dungy and the rest of them, they're good guys. I was happy to get the opportunity to let them get to know me. My release really boiled down to the fact that all their safeties got healthy. Hopefully they'll call back.

ET:  Coming out of college you were highly regarded for your athleticism, and some have speculated that you were even better suited to play on the offensive side of the ball as a running back, receiver or even as a tight end. Are you confident you could still contribute on offense if an NFL General Manager called you up with an opportunity there?

JL:  I'm comfortable with my abilities on offense or defense. In college I touched the ball on every play. I threw, I ran -- I haven't lost those skills.

ET:  Tell me a bit about the time you spent in Houston, because you came out of college as a quarterback and they converted you to safety. How did that transition go for you?

JL:  It was a big learning curve, but I enjoyed being a safety.  I was just happy for the career opportunity that Dom Capers and the Houston Texans gave me.

ET:  What's one of the important things you learned early on about playing the safety position while you were there?

JL:  Everything happens fast. It's a fast game, and if you don't do your job, you can be exposed.

ET:  Your release from the Texans earlier this summer and now by the Colts seemed to be more situational than anything else...

JL:  Yeah, but the situations were different. With the Colts, they already had their safeties that had worked in their system and they got healthy enough to play again. With the Texans, they had a coaching change and a new defensive scheme. So they brought in players they wanted for that system at that position.

ET:  I was really impressed by the fact that the Colts brought you into camp roughly a week before they needed you to step in and play in the first preseason game against the Rams. How did you make such a quick adjustment and learn enough in that short span to play, because you were in there for a good portion of the game and played well...

JL:  In the NFL, you've got to be able to learn on the run. And you have to have the confidence that you can step in and make plays when your name is called and take advantage of those opportunities. It was a good challenge for me, and I enjoyed it.

ET:  With the way you stepped in so quickly with a high-caliber team like the Colts, you should draw the attention of some NFL GMs in the coming days. What are the strengths you can offer their teams as they're trying to make their final adjustments to their rosters?

JL:  As a safety, I'm big and I'm fast. I can play all the special teams. And I can even help their offensive team if they want me to. So I'm just waiting for that opportunity with the team who sees me as a good fit.


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