Kickoff Return Competition Heating Up

Find out what high praise Colts head coach Tony Dungy heaped on Terrence Wilkins during Monday's media conference. He also weighed in on other hot topics such as the running game, his second-year cornerbacks and more!

(general post-practice comments)
"It was good to get back to work. We watched the tape and again, it was a good feeling coming off a win and we got some things done that we set out to accomplish. So all in all, I think we're in good shape heading into the last game. And this week, we had decisions to make to get down to 75 (players on the roster) and going down from 75 to 53 with the roster we have is going to be a lot tougher. So, the last game will be really one of those auditions for those guys trying to get those last spots. I think it will be a good week."

(on the return game having an effect on the final roster)
"That's something that's still in the balance, how we're going to go at returners. I thought Terrence Wilkins was really outstanding the other night. He did a great job of being decisive, of fielding balls, running through tackles and showing quickness. We've had some other guys that have done a pretty good job. We still want to get T.J. Rushing a few more in this (Cincinnati) game. But Terrence did a great job."

(on the running game)
"I think the running game is really going to be in pretty good shape. I like where our runners are. For the most part, our first offensive line blocked the run looks we had very well. Our second group didn't do it quite as well, but all in all, I think our running game is about where it's been in the past and when we've gotten guys in the secondary, they have made good runs. So I feel pretty good about our run game right now."

(on if it is more difficult to establish the run game in the preseason because not having the same units in for a stretch)
"No, it's not that. You never really know what kind of defense you're going to see. You have people that are working on things that they want to do and what they want to accomplish and we've had people—the first game (at St. Louis) was very, very heavy blitz where we didn't get a chance to run much, the second game against Seattle, we had some run looks early, and we ran well. We just had a few run looks in this game, and we ran well. They were really working on some things that forced us to throw deep, and we got some deep catches and some big plays and some pass interference penalties. That's kind of the way they forced us to go. Again, people play us a little differently in the preseason than they do in the regular season, and we know we're going to get some good looks to run against in the regular season and when we do, I think we'll run effectively."

(on DB-Marlin Jackson)
"Marlin is actually doing fine, and he's playing more on the outside than he did last year at any time, and getting more comfortable out there. His best spot is still inside, and when he's played in the nickel, he's done well. He's gotten better every week on the outside and you see some of the things, the tackling and the physical play and the caused fumble and hitting that we look for. I think he and Kelvin Hayden both have improved vastly over their first year, so we're pretty pleased."

(on how he counts the preseason games vs. practice)
"Usually what happens is the game is a reflection of how you practice, and we have a lot of guys that have practiced well and gotten an opportunity to play in the game and for the most part, they validated that. I tend to think that the whole training camp and how you practice and how you do things is really important. Usually it shows up in the game, and for the most part, it has."

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