Vinatieri Rumors Swirling Out of Control

A report in the Indianapolis Star set the national media abuzz when Adam Vinatieri's mother said that she was told by her son about a week and a half ago that a specialist found a small broken bone in the kicker's foot.

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, who has been sidelined with a foot injury for the past two preseason games, was the center of attention in the national media today. After the Indianapolis Star published an article that included a quote from the kicker's mother, the debate spun up quickly about whether or not the Colts had been concealing information that Vinatieri's injury was worse than the sprain that had originally been mentioned.

"They sent him to a specialist. They found a small broken bone in his foot," Judy Vinatieri told the Star.

Adam Schefter at noted in his column yesterday that, "One player who knows Vinatieri says the kicker has a broken bone in his ankle that could sideline him during the early part of the season."

Schefter also said that others close to the situation have agreed with the diagnosis that it's just a sprain.

Craig Kelley, the team's spokesman, addressed the issue after the team's practice on Thursday.

"He has a sprained ligament, not a fractured bone in the ankle, and he's on pace for the opener," Kelley said.

The Colts have stated that a doctor will provide a report on Vinatieri's condition on Friday.

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