Vanderjagt Still Doesn't Get It

Former Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt might not statistically be the NFL's most accurate kicker for much longer if he continues to kick like he did in Dallas' preseason finale on Thursday night. Once again, he missed with the game on the line.

Dallas head coach Bill Parcells has been waiting for former Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt to prove that he's the answer to the Cowboys' past kicking woes. Instead, Vanderjagt seems to be on his way to adding to the Cowboys' nightmares at the position.

Despite Parcells' adamant stance that he doesn't want to carry two kickers on the roster, he might not have a choice if he wants Vanderjagt to kick field goals. In the former Colts kickers' only kickoff attempt of the night against the Vikings, he only got the ball to the 12-yard line. Second-year kicker Shaun Suisham booted one of his kickoffs to the 1-yard line and the other one 7 yards deep into the end zone.

After watching Vanderjagt miss two opportunities to win the contest against the Vikings in overtime, Parcells said, ""We had...two point-blank field goals for the win and couldn't make those."

Vanderjagt missed two chip-shots from 33 and 32 yards out. And as usual, he made no excuses and indicated that they are kicks he can easily make.

"They were both horrible kicks. I don't make excuses for two 32-yard field goals in the middle of the field," Vanderjagt told after the game. "The snaps were great, the holds were great. I don't make any excuses. They were easy kicks. I could make them in my sleep."

Yawn. How often have Colts fans heard that? So the question persists ... if he's so good, why isn't he making key kicks with the game game on the line?

As usual, Vanderjagt apparently continues to believe he's the best, even when his actual performance is raising serious doubts. He made just one of three attempts against the Vikings and finished two for four during the preseason. His successful field goal against Minnesota was a paltry 22-yard kick.

"I was 1-of-3 in the preseason in the year (2003) I didn't miss. I have the ability to turn it on when it counts," he said.

Perhaps someone should explain to Vanderjagt that his kick that sailed horribly wide against the Steelers in the playoffs last season counted. Just ask any of the thousands of Colts fans who can't erase the moment from their minds.

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