Tuesday Media Conference: Tom Coughlin

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin talked about Eli Manning, preparing for Peyton Manning, the health of his team and much more in his media conference after practice on Tuesday. We've compiled the highlights that Colts fans will want to know!

Q: Do you anticipate the players will start becoming excited for the opener now?

A: Absolutely.  You can sense the build-up.  They're heading in that direction, for sure, and as the week goes on it will pick up and get even more intense.  This was a good practice, and a good day to practice and get back to work, because there are a lot of things we can correct and then we can move on them tomorrow.

Q: Was everyone able to practice?

A: Yes.

Q: How did Sinorice Moss do?

A: He did okay.  We kept the governor on him a little bit so he didn't over-lengthen or anything of that nature.  He did okay. 

Q: Do you expect him to play any part in this game?

A: I don't know.  We're going to kind of move him into some other things maybe tomorrow, extend him a little bit more and see how he does.

Q: Will (rookie DT) Barry Cofield start?

A: We'll wait until the end of the week to mention that.

Q: It must feel pretty good to have pretty much your whole team practicing at this point.

A: It is.  Especially after we've gone through an extended amount of time where we haven't had a few guys.  It was good to be able to come off the preseason and be able to have everybody in pads and working.

Q: How much, if at all, do you have the scout team quarterback do the pointing and stuff that Peyton Manning is known for?

A: We try to do as much duplication of what we've seen and studied as we possibly can, so he does a lot of things that…We occasionally use some of our own audible systems that hurry up the tempo.

Q: What kind of a test is it going up against a quarterback like Peyton Manning, who sometimes seems to make decisions on his own out there?

A: Any time you have a quarterback on the field who's running basically a no-huddle offense, he certainly does have a lot of decisions that he makes that are out over the ball, and you've got to be prepared for all of those.

Q: Tiki Barber said earlier he doesn't think he'll be having the kind of numbers that he had last season.  Could you explain some of the factors that might go into that?

A: I wouldn't be saying that right now.  Let's play some games and get into that.  I expect him to have an outstanding year.  He's had two outstanding years (since I arrived) and I expect him to have another one … I think balance is the key for us.  It always has (been).  We expect it to remain that way.

Q: How do you think Eli Manning will handle playing against his older brother, Payton?

A: We're playing against the Indianapolis Colts.  That's the approach he's taking.  Offensive players prepare against the opponent's defense, defensive players prepare against their offense and special teams.  That's what he's focusing on – an outstanding, fast Indianapolis Colts defense.

Q: With only two tight ends, how does that affect your two tight-end package?

A: You just have to be involved in using some other people.  I don't think you necessarily lose the packages.  But it does change some things, but I don't think we're going to lose any packages.

Q: Do you need an offensive lineman to be ready in an emergency?

A: You always do.

Q: Can you say which guy that would be?

A: No.  It's too soon.  Probably not.

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