Media Conference Highlights: Tony Dungy

Following Monday's practice, Colts head coach Tony Dungy spoke to the media about the amazing talent at defensive end for both teams in this Sunday's game, opening on the road again, various Colts players, and more! Check it out...

(on if opening on the road makes it more of an opportunity)
"I think it really will be a good test for us, a road game, big-time atmosphere against a playoff team from last year, a really good football team, all of the things that you look for to hype that excitement level up, and who can go in there and play their game and go and do it on the road—that will be a great test for our team, and we'll get to see what we're made of."

(on having a seventh straight road opener)

"We kind of heard that it's just random and that's the way it works. So we've been flipping that coin and trying to get it to come up heads, and I guess it comes up tails every year. In a lot of ways, we like it that way, because if you can go on the road and get that first win in a road game, which we've done quite a few times, then you feel like everything is in your favor. You have more home games left and you have a road win under your belt. So, that's the way we're approaching it, and you really can't worry about it."

(on how Adam Vinatieri looked in practice Monday)
"I think Adam's going to be fine, unless he has a setback. He actually kicked over the weekend, kicked long field goals, kicked off, really declared himself ready to go. And that's obviously why we made the decision to let Shane Andrus go. If we had any doubt, we would have kept Shane, but everything now is full speed ahead."

(on two of the best groups of defensive ends playing Sunday night)
"It will be interesting for fans, I think, because you see two very good quarterbacks, obviously, but you have three Pro Bowl defensive ends (Dwight Freeney, Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora) playing in the same game and another guy (Robert Mathis) who led our team in sacks last year. It's not very often that you see four guys of that caliber on the same field, and the team that can figure out how to block those guys the best is probably going to win it."

(on how it changes the dynamics of a game having two great rushers)
"I think it changes a lot for the offense. It's easy when you have one guy and say, ‘We're going to always put the tight end over there,' or ‘We're always going to chip that way,' or ‘We're always going to send the center that way.' But when you have two guys and you have to mix your protections and keep an eye on both sides of the field, it really restricts a lot of times what the offense can do. I haven't watched (Michael) Strahan and (Osi) Umenyiora enough to see how people have really dealt with them, but I know we see a lot of blocking schemes that we haven't seen on tape. When we play offenses, you go in feeling like, ‘Here's how they're going to block us,' and then all of a sudden, they have extra fullbacks staying in or two tight ends, and I'm sure the same thing must happen to those two guys."

(on if Jim Sorgi will be ready for Sunday's game at New York)
"Right now, we feel like Jim is going to be ready for Sunday. And again, that's why we made that move. If there was any doubt in our mind, we would have kept Shaun (King). Right now, Jim's going to be ready, and if it's showing otherwise, we can make a move and bring someone back, Shaun if he's not signed with someone else, or get a third quarterback. But right now, we feel pretty comfortable with Jim as the second quarterback."

(on adding LB-Rocky Boiman)
"(Rocky) was a guy who was out there and available. Rocky has played against us, played well on special teams, he's a bigger outside linebacker than we've had, so he would give us a different type of body that way. He's a guy who is experienced, who plays hard and can do a number of things. So, that made for a really interesting situation and a guy that we have a lot of respect for because we've played against him."

(on DE-Ryan LaCasse and DT-Dan Klecko)
"They are both guys we liked coming out of school. We want to continue to build the depth on our defensive line. Both guys have high motors, high energy, that again, play with quickness, probably a little undersized for a lot of people, but I think they fit right in for us."

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