King Hopes to Return to Indy

Quarterback Shaun King was disappointed when he learned of his release by the Colts. But he's still hopeful that he could return to the team. In this exclusive interview, he shares his thoughts on that topic, wide receiver John Standeford, and which other team has already called him.

Quarterback Shaun King joined the Colts shortly before their training camp opened in Terre Haute. He didn't have much time to learn the playbook and the system, but he showed progress every week as he got extensive playing time during the preseason.

King finished the preseason with a 62 percent completion rate, three percentage points higher than Peyton Manning's and well above the 37 percent that backup Jim Sorgi posted in limited action due to a shoulder injury. ColtPower talked Shaun about his surprising release and what his next steps will be.

Ed Thompson: What did the Colts tell you about their decision to release you?

Shaun King: I guess people are telling them that Sorgi's going to be okay, so I guess they're going to start with just those two (Manning and Sorgi) this week and see how his shoulder goes. They just don't usually keep three quarterbacks. Sorgi's been there and he did play well last year at the end of the season when he got a chance to play, and it was just unfortunate that he got hurt. It's disappointing for me though because I think I played well enough to be a backup on the team and deserve to be on the team. But I'm encouraged because I played a lot and I played really well; so hopefully if I can't come back to Indy, a lot of people saw the tape and someone else will give me a chance. But maybe next week we'll get somewhere. I'm going to go in to Indy this week and work out and be prayerful that I get the opportunity, if not this week, maybe next week.

ET: Did they express to you that they're leaving that door open?

SK: Yeah, I think they are. It's kind of tricky for the vested veterans being on the opening day roster; it's one of the loopholes in our new CBA. I think it had something to do with the vested veteran being on the opening day roster or something that guarantees us a full season contract against the cap. I didn't think I'd count that much against the cap anyway (laughs). But I played well and went in and worked hard, I think I was a good teammate, and left a good impression in the building, so if anything comes up I think I'll be the guy for them.

ET: I was very impressed with your progress each week as you were learning the playbook and the system. And I thought you made some great throws on the run. How much do you think your veteran presence helped you when you were seemingly getting so much pressure from opposing defenses?

SK: I think it helped a lot. I've been in a lot of situations, so I know how to relax while I'm playing, and I just wanted to go out and play well. One thing about this league is it's a blessing to be in it and every opportunity you get, you try to play well and get the guys with you to play well too. 

ET: One guy that I know has to be very grateful for what a good teammate you were was wide receiver John Standeford….

SK: Standeford? (laughs) Yeah…

ET: He's spent two years on the practice squad and this is a key year for him. The two of you made some great plays together….

SK: I think Standeford has a chance to be a good receiver, so I'm glad to see that he's going to get the opportunity to be with the ball club this year. There are a lot of guys who deserve to be on a team. 

ET: I don't know if you saw it or not, it might have just been speculation, but in the Pittsburgh media they were talking about the fact that because Ben Roethlisberger's appendix is going to force him to miss the game this week; the Steelers were kicking around the possibility of bringing in another quarterback so they had some more depth on their depth chart -- and your name was mentioned in one of the articles.

SK: They actually called us on Sunday, and I don't think they're sure how long Ben's going to be out. This week I guess they're going to go with one of their younger guys because they play Thursday and it would've been hard to get a quarterback ready for Thursday. I don't know if they're going to revisit it next week when they have a better idea of when Ben will be back, or what they're going to do.

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