Dungy Postgame Press Conference Highlights

During his postgame press conference, Colts head coach Tony Dungy acknowledged that the Colts weren't at their peak performance level, but was glad to get the win. Find out what else he had to say about various aspects of the game and some of the players...

Opening Statement
"The Giants have an outstanding team. There was a lot of emotion here in the stadium tonight and a lot of energy all week. We didn't play our best but we were able to get a win. I thought our offense did a good job of making enough plays for us and keeping the ball in time of possession. On special teams, I thought this was the best our cover unit has played since I've been here and that was a big part of the game. Defensively we just weren't sharp. I know a lot of it had to do with the fact that New York really studied us and did a good job. They had some good stuff for us. We didn't tackle as well as we need to and we didn't play as well as we are going to need to in order to carry on this year. As I said, we are happy with the win and I think our defense will get sharper as we go. They have an excellent football team and we are 1-0. We are excited about that."

(On impressions of the Giants stopping the run)
"They did a lot of things to take the running game away and we knew we were going to have to throw. They were going to blitz us, come after us and give us a lot of pass looks. When we had chances to run, we did a good job for the most part; we just didn't have many runs."

(On K Adam Vinatieri's field goals)
"I thought Adam couldn't have started better for us. He made all of his field goals and kicked well. That played a big role in our kick-off coverage. When we needed the big kick at the end, he not only made the field goal but then put them in a good position where they [the Giants] had to go a long way."

(On the Manning brother match-up)
"I know how he [QB Peyton Manning] feels. I had the same situation when I went back to Tampa and that is certainly not to this magnitude but you want to go out and play well and do your job. I know both of those guys are probably glad it is over. It was good; it was great for the nation to see. There were two outstanding quarterbacks and two outstanding teams. The build-up was something that wore on all of us and now we can concentrate on winning number two without all of the fanfare."

(On expecting other teams to run based on today's Giants game plan)
"I don't know if they tried to grind us down, they have a great back. They gave him the ball and we didn't play as good as run defense as we needed to. If I had Tiki Barber, I would run him, too."

(On the difference between QB Peyton Manning and QB Eli Manning)
"It's hard to say. I think they both played well. We didn't rush them as well as we would have liked. They rushed us pretty good at times. I thought that Peyton got out of the pocket and made some big throws. We got the interception at the end, which I am sure Eli would like back. But I thought both of those guys played well under the circumstances."

(On the fumble after the interception)
"That was a big play. We were in a defense in which we gave them a look to run the ball. We ran a line stunt, and I'm not sure what happened on the hand-off but it was a big play by [LE] Robert Mathis to get the ball back for us."

(On how the running game will factor in to future games)
"It depends on how people play us. We're not going to run uphill. We have the best quarterback in the game to throw so it depends on how people play us. I think when we get the looks to run; our guys will make it happen. We had some nice runs. We didn't run it as much as people would have liked us to but we are going to be effective when we run it. That wasn't our problem tonight."

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