Colts Postgame Quotes

Dominic Rhodes, Gary Brackett, Adam Vinatieri and Nick Harper spoke to some of the member of the media following the game Sunday night. Find out what their take was on the game in this feature article...

Dominic Rhodes

On the game:
We won the game and that was the bottom line. They played some great defense and were making us work for everything that we got. When you get a win against a team like that you know you have a chance at a season. We went out there and played good ball. It was the first game of the season and we are going to have to iron out a lot of things. We are going to come back and try to perform better next week. I have to take my hat off to New York because they had a great gameplan and they played us well.

Adam Vinatieri

On the win:
It is a great feeling. I am proud to play with these guys. They did a great job. When you are playing a team as good as the Giants you have to play well and every point counts. It was a good win for us because they are a good team and we found a way to get it done.

On the field goal right before the half:
It was great because they just scored and it kind of swung the momentum back to us a little bit and it gave us a little more of a cushion and a lead. 

On the Colts special teams:
The special teams and the cover teams guys did tremendous and it really helped us out in winning that game.

Gary Brackett

On the game:
It was a very tough game. It was just like we thought because the Giants are a very good team...I had a lot of people in attendance today and of course I had the Rutgers following that I have in this region. It was good to come home and play in front of your family and get a victory.

On the defense:
I think we are making strides. What we have to keep on doing is keep on being consistent and get better and better every week. We did some things a little poorly tonight and we are going to break down the film and try to get better next week.

Nick Harper

On playing against Eli:
It was a mirror image. They both sit in the pocket. He was poised and we couldn't rattle him. He sat in the pocket and made the throws he is supposed to make just like our Manning does. 

On the interception:
It was huge because we didn't stop them all night. We didn't play well on defense. They did what they wanted to do so we knew someone had to make a big play somewhere down the line. He overthrew the guy and I just happened to be standing there when he overthrew him and I read the route well and broke on the ball.

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