Colts Q&A With Dylan Gandy

Colts left guard Dylan Gandy talked to Ed Thompson early this week about his postgame thoughts after an exciting game against the New York Giants. Find out what he had to say about his opponents, the running game, and much more in this exclusive interview!

Ed Thompson: First off congratulations, you guys have to be excited about what you accomplished Sunday night...

Dylan Gandy: Yeah, it was really great. Going and playing in an environment like New York is extremely hard and then you throw on top of that the fact that they're a great team it's really a great feeling to come out of there with a win.

ET: What was going through your head when you went out on that field and the fans were going wild?

DG: Honestly I was just overwhelmed with gratefulness. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to play and just be out there living a dream with my teammates. I really enjoyed it, it was fun the whole time.

ET: You lined up against the rookie DT out of Northwestern, Barry Cofield, right?

DG: Him and Fred Robbins (pictured, right), and they were both really good players.

ET: Could you tell Cofield was a rookie or were you surprised by how well he had already assimilated to the NFL game?

DG: He did a great job. He did what he could to get in there and disrupt stuff, and I think he did a good job at that.

ET: Was there anything he did that took you by surprise or was challenging for you?

DG: I think just his overall play was really good; the effort he played with makes him a hard player to block.

ET: Was Osi (Umenyiora) doing much from the defensive end position to come in on stunts and trying to catch you unaware?

DG: Yeah those guys are all great players; I just feel really fortunate that I get to practice against the defensive line that we have. I believe we have one of the quickest and most explosive defensive lines in the league and being able to practice against guys like Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney, Monte (Reagor)and Raheem (Brock). All of those guys really prepare you for the quick explosive guys like Osi.

ET: You guys did a nice job protecting Manning, he was only sacked once, he also helped himself a bit; I think he was more mobile in that game than I've seen him in a long time. Did you guys talk about that at all in the huddle or in preparation for the game? Did you know he was going to have to be more mobile this week?

DG: No we sure didn't. All week we were harping on how crucial protection was; we knew if we could pass protect for him, between him and the skilled guys we have, we were going to do a great job.

ET: There's also been a lot of talk about the running game, I know even Peyton said after the game that the running game was something that would need to be worked on. Obviously the team would have liked to have gotten more than 55 yards on the ground and I'm sure you have to give a lot of credit to the Giants, but what are you seeing from that first game experience that you think you guys can improve on?

DG: I think just continuity and timing…just things we'll improve on as we get more time working together as a group.

ET: What did you think about the rookie debut of Joseph Addai?

DG: He did a great job, and is going to continue to improve. I think we have two great running backs right now, so it's going to be exciting to see those guys go at it.

ET: What do you really feel was the difference? You obviously had two very talented teams out there on the field, where in your mind was the difference maker that allowed the Colts to come out with a win?

DG: That's hard to say, but the things we focused on were just making sure we played Colts' football for 60 minutes and played well. I don't know that we necessarily did that, but we came close and our guys definitely put out a whole lot of effort and really played to win. 

ET: This week you square off against the Texans…are you glad to be back home and ready to kick off the home opener?

DG: Without a doubt, there's nothing like playing at home so we're all real excited about that.

ET: You're not going to get much of a break as far as a speed-rusher who might stunt in on you because Mario Williams, the overall number one draft pick this year, lined up at right defensive end against the Eagles. If they keep him there, you will be getting acquainted with him this week.

DG: Yeah, there's a definite possibility of that, but we'll prepare for that and will do our best to be ready for anything.

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