Power Player of the Week

The offense usually gets the glory, so at ColtPower we've developed a point system for individual defensive performance that evaluates the impact they had on the game each week and season-to-date. Nick Harper was the runaway winner of the Week One award. Find out why...

ColtPower's Week One "Power Player of the Week" is cornerback Nick Harper, who ran away with the honors. Safety Bob Sanders finished second by leading the team in tackles (8 total) against the Giants. 

Harper was not only plenty busy making tackles, he also defensed two passes that stopped New York drives -- both in Colts territory that resulted in no points for the Giants. Harper's interception late in the game gave the Colts offense the ball at the Giants' 34-yard line, setting up a field goal that would then force New York to go for a touchdown instead of a game-winning field goal in the closing minutes.

Linebacker Gary Brackett and cornerback Marlin Jackson tied for third this week, each registering six solo tackles and an assist.

For a description of how points are awarded, see the note below the results. In future Power Player articles, we'll also show the season-to-date leaders.

Power Player of the Week Leaderboard

Nick Harper (12 points):
4 tackles, 2 assists, 2 passes defensed. Bonus points for stopping drive on 4th and 5 at the Colts 33-yard line with pass defensed, stopped drive at the Colts 26-yard line with a tackle that resulted in a missed FG, interception that put the ball at the Giants 34-yard line that set up a Colts field goal.
Bob Sanders (7.5 points):
7 tackles, 1 assist.
Gary Brackett (6.5 points):
6 tackles, 1 assist
Marlin Jackson (6.5) points:
6 tackles, 1 assist

5.  Antoine Bethea (5.5 points): 4 tackles, 2 assists, 1 pass defensed

6.  Jason David (5 points): 5 tackles

7.  Cato June (4.5 points): 4 tackles, 1 assist

8T.  Robert Mathis (4 points): 2 tackles.  Bonus points included for fumble recovery at the Indy 49.

8T.  Gilbert Gardner (4 points): 3 tackles, 2 assists.

10.  Raheem Brock (2.5 points): 2 tackles, 1 assist

11.  Montae Reagor (2.5 points): 1 tackle, 1 assist, 1 pass defensed

12.  Dwight Freeney (0.5 points): 1 assist

Note: ColtPower's point system includes points for tackles, sacks, passes defensed, and quarterback hits. Bonus points are awarded for forced fumbles, forced fumbles recovered, forced fumbles not recovered, fumble recoveries and interceptions. Points for turnovers are influenced by the field position at the end play, with turnovers deep in a team's territory counting for more (as high as 6 points) than those near midfield (as low as 2 points) on a gradually decreasing scale. Bonus points are also awarded for making a play that stops an opponent's drive with a tackle or pass defensed with points awarded based on field position at the time of the stop. Players receive more points for stopping a drive between their own goal line and the 20-yard line because of thwarting a red-zone touchdown opportunity. Likewise, they receive more points for stopping a drive between the opponent's goal line and 20-yard line because of the distinct field position advantage it provides to their offense.

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