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Colts quarterback Peyton Manning heaped praise on the team's running backs and wide receiver Marvin Harrison, rookie Joseph Addai talked about his first NFL touchdown, Montae Reagor and Cato June talked about the defense's return to form. Read it all and more in our postgame quotes feature!


(on first home game)
"It's always good to get a win, especially in the division and start off at home the way we wanted to. I thought we were a little bit sloppy on a couple of things and that caused us some headaches in the first half. Second half, we kind of got going and until the end, we substituted on defense and really didn't finish up as crisp as we wanted. But we controlled the momentum and controlled the game and I thought did some awfully good things. We just have to clean up our mistakes a little bit. But it feels good to be 2-0. Obviously another big home division game next week. I think we'll be ready to go."

(on first offensive drive of the game)
"We thought it would be very important. We watched their game against Philadelphia. They were very crisp coming out, took the first drive down the field. We didn't want to let them have any momentum. Boot legs were a big part of their game. Robert (Mathis) got a sack on a boot and I think that kind of took them out of that for a while. Offensively, we were sharp and converted the third downs and kept them off the field. It was a good start and that was a big play, the first play of the game."

(on Colts running game)
"We're not that overly worried about our running game. When people give us looks to run, we think we're going to be able to run. They played a lot of man coverage and played close to the line of scrimmage. We threw the ball a lot in the first half. Second half, we got a little more run looks. I thought Joseph (Addai) and Dom (Dominic Rhodes) both ran well but especially Joseph. We really don't think it's going to be an issue with our running backs when we get chances to run. They'll do that well."

(on Joseph Addai)
"Joseph is doing very well. He's very mature for a rookie. Pass protections, audibles, picking things up, finding little gaps and knowing the way the offensive line is blocking things and adjusting. He is very, very mature for a rookie. He's going to be a good player for us. Dom's been great helping him and getting him going. They're going to be a great one-two punch, I think."

(on team depth and WR-Brandon Stokley)
"He (Stokely) re-tweaked that ankle and that is a concern for us. But again, that's one of the things we talked about in the locker room. We have a lot of guys that are ready to play. Aaron Moorehead went in and played well in Brandon's spot. We kept a lot of two tight end stuff up after Brandon got hurt. Utecht (Ben) played well and did a good job. And then when he got hurt, Brian Fletcher went in, and that's what we expect. We've got a lot of talented guys. When one guys gets hurt, you can't stop the show."


(on breaking John Unitas' completions record)
"I was not aware of that. I heard the one about Marvin because they announced it. I think Marvin had a chance to break something. That is one of those I have said before, I always feel uncomfortable, a little bit awkward when you are talking about records of Johnny Unitas, but it's a real special mention any time you can be in a sentence with him."

(on the good first half start today and last week versus the Giants)
"It has been a real emphasis of coming out of the starting gate. You always want to do it on the road, to try to take their crowd out of it, and you certainly want to do it at home, in your home opener to keep your crowd in it and put some pressure on that team. I would say one of the biggest points of emphasis has been third downs. We are doing a good job of staying on the field and that can be deflating to a defense because their goal is to get you into a third down and we have gotten into 3rd-and-4s, 3rd-and-10s and we are still converting and staying on the field. I thought the biggest change from the first half to the second half was the emphasis of finishing down in the red zone. First half we had a turnover down there, we had a drop, and then we had a touchdown called back. You just don't want to do that. You don't want to take those points off the board or have to settle for three, so the second half was the difference. It was trying to keep that mindset of finishing the drive we started and getting a touchdown."

(on RB-Joseph Addai's performance)
"I was proud of the way all the running backs ran. Ran Carthon coming in, he has just been here about two weeks. Dom(inic) Rhodes ran in there hard, but Joe certainly showed some special things. I think he showed that great strength and power he has. That first guy was bouncing off of him most of the time. Even on the fumble down there (at the goalline) he was making an unbelievable effort to get into the red zone. That is what happens down there sometimes, the harder you try, then something bad can happen. He will learn from that though. He is very knowledgeable in the passing game, too. There was a blitz on that touchdown pass to him and sometimes I always say more important than knowing when you have to block in blitz pickup is when you don't have to block. Other words, his guy dropped and he was right out into his pass pattern and therefore he was wide open which shows he is really knowledgeable of his protection."

(on Marvin Harrison)
"He is the best football player I have ever played with, no question about that. He is probably the best football player I have ever seen. His consistency is unbelievable and he runs just as good now in his eleventh year as he did nine years ago. Same speed, same routes, it is just a credit to him for his conditioning. You just don't see him slowing down. They say he is in his mid-30's now and slowing down, not that guy. He is a different breed."


(on his first touchdown reception setting a record for Peyton Manning as the all-time completion leader in Colts history)
"I didn't even know that. It's probably going to set in more during the week. I'm just happy to have this win under our belt. I don't think I'll be giving that ball up. That's for me, that's my first touchdown and I won't ever forget that one."

(on his performance)
"We keep trying to get better each week. I tried to understand the mistakes I made last week. Everybody can say whatever they want to say. I've been in a lot of situations where you're going to hear negative things and the only thing you can do is move forward and try to get better and that's what we did as a running back group, is get better this week. "

(on the improvement in the Colts running game this week)
"Just staying patient. The first game last week was a big game on the road and we were anxious. This week we were more patient and let it happen and things started to open up and we took advantage of it." 


(on returning from injuries during pre-season and catching a TD pass)
"It felt great. I hadn't been out there in a while, and to get out there and score a felt great. It was exciting, great atmosphere. It was fun while it lasted."


(on having the 5th most receptions in NFL history)
"At some point in time, in the off-season, or at the end of my career, I'll look back and appreciate it more."

(on the ovation he received in the 3rd quarter following)
"It meant a lot, that fans appreciate me, and everybody on the field was congratulating me, so that meant a lot to me as well."

(on how he feels as compared to three or four years ago)
"I've got three more quarters in me, let's go play. I'm tired now, and you get tired in practice, but when the game time comes, you just go out there and play."


(on the performance of the Colts defense)
"We went into the ballgame with a sense of urgency. We played hard and played fast. We played with a swagger and that's something we need to do. In every game we want to make each team one-dimensional so we can do what we do best, and that's rush the passer. It's always in the defense's mind to rush the passer, so if you can get a ball club to throw it a lot, that's more chances to hit them."


(on the performance of the Colts defense)
"Everything starts up front. Everyone got good pressure and stayed in their gaps and that's a great thing for the defense all around, because then everybody can play fast. The first thing you have to do is stop the run and that's the most important thing and once they start passing we go into attack mode."

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