Kubiak: "You're not going to get to No. 18"

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak had a lot to say about his team on Monday at his press conference, but we've weeded through quotes and pulled together the ones about the Colts and issues that impacted the game for your reading enjoyment.

(on whether the Colts or Texans affected the game more)
"It's a combination of both. They're pretty dang good. It's a tough environment to play in, but when you start a game and we go down the first play of the game, we've got to figure out a way not to go down. You're almost snapped the second play of the game and you've got a sack and a ball knocked out I think on the fourth play. You can't start a football game like that, I don't care if you're playing here in Reliant or you're playing on the road, you're going to be in trouble. We've got to figure out a way to start a clean game, you can't dig a hole like that you've got no chance." 

(on the secondary)

"Well they struggled yesterday. I thought last week they played well the first half and struggled on the second half. I think we struggled some this week. We had some communications problems in the noise. He's (Peyton Manning) a guy who works in the line of scrimmage and if you show him your hand at all, he's going to pick you apart and he did a good job in that which you know he's going to do. It wasn't one of our better efforts in the amount of time that I've been with that group, we've played better. They've got to understand that they played against one of the best. But they're going to come back this week and play better than last week."

(on the gameplan)

"Our whole game plan, going into the game, was trying to avoid the pressure and the sacks. The first thing you've got to do is account for 93 (Dwight Freeney). Our game plan was built around trying to find a way to help (Charles) Spencer with 93. You start here but at the same time, as I told David the night before the game if you play in that dome, you're not going to have time to throw, there's going to be people swatting out the ball. It's not an excuse, you've got to operate in that environment. As a quarterback, you've got to be above and beyond the call of duty from the standpoint of protecting the ball. You know, we felt like we had a good plan from that standpoint of how we go about how to protect the quarterback. If they get ahead of you like that, it doesn't really matter what you're doing. Because they're all pinning their ears back now, it's not so much 93 as it is the whole team getting involved. They've got a lot of players that can come get you. That made it tough getting behind."

(on the defensive line's performance against the Colts)

"Well, there are times that they did make him get rid of the ball rather quickly. You're not going to get to number 18 (QB Peyton Manning). He doesn't hold the ball. He's not going to go down with the football. It's just the way he plays the game, but you've got to do something to try and make him throw the ball quicker than he wants to throw it. And there were times we did that. The majority of the time, you're right, we still have to get better at our pressure. That's us (the coaches) coming up with ways, scheme-wise, to do that, and getting better at winning one-on-ones. And it's just kind of part of everything else, getting better as a group. And they have got to do that. But at times there were some good individual efforts in there that need to be consistent throughout the game."

(on DE Mario Williams' play)
"Well, he has got about 15 or 20 plays in a game. If we can get that to 50 or 60 plays, they were big time. But the key in this league is you have to be able to do it for a long time. You can't just do it for 15 or 20. I think he's going to learn a great deal from this film. He sat in one spot, as you all well know, did not move around. He showed some flashes, but we need more than flashes, so we're trying to move him along. The kid's working hard. I think he took some steps forward, but we have to take big steps."

(on the running game)
"When you get down 17-0, the run first gets kind of tough and we ran the ball better we just didn't run it good enough against that group, in my opinion, when I look at the film. We still could have ran it better. I think running the football is the key to winning, it's not just what we do. Running the football is the key to winning in this league. We won't waiver from that commitment, no matter how long it takes. We will figure out a way to run it and we'll stay committed."

(on why he believes QB David Carr does not deserve blame)
"We're all to blame. When we don't win, we all lose, as a group, coaches and players. Good things happen when we win as a team and it'll always be that way. David sets his performance, in the past two weeks his numbers are very, very good. You guys can tell by looking at the quarterback ratings and those type of things, but we're not after numbers. We're after figuring out a way to win. That's the way I coach David, and David knows that. He's got to be a consistent player. He played unbelievable the fourth quarter yesterday, but he's got to play well in those first three for our football team to have a chance; he's got to be a four-quarter player. I'll keep coaching him to become that, but he is getting better as a player. but just getting better sometimes isn't good enough. You've got to take big steps. We're after him to take big steps and plan on him doing that." 

(on building Indianapolis-like fans)
"Well hopefully there's a day coming when it is that way here. That's what I'm going to keep fighting for, I guess I really don't know what you're asking me. But we're going to keep fighting our tail off until our fans feel that way about us. Our effort from our group and our people around here is exceptional. Yeah, this game is about winning and people don't give you that. They just don't drop down on your lap and say, "OK, here you're a winner." You've got to be willing to pay the price to do that and all I can tell you is that we'll do that, we're willing to do that."

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