Dungy: "We Have to be at Our Best"

Following Wednesday's practice, Colts head coach Tony Dungy talked about the team's upcoming clash with the Jacksonville Jaguars, their big, physical players on both offensive and defense and much more!


(general post-practice comments)

"This is going to be a fun week and a fun game. Obviously, we're playing a big division rival and a team that's playing really well and hot. We have to get ourselves going. Today wasn't our best practice, especially early, but we got better as we went along. This is a team that really plays the style that you have to be on top of things. Pittsburgh the other night wasn't, and they got drilled. So, we have to be at our best, and hopefully we will be by Sunday."

(on how close the Colts and Jaguars are)
"They have been close games, every time we've played these guys for the most part. One team has the ball at the end with a chance to win and somebody makes a play to win it. That's the way most of the games have gone really."

(on the games being physical in the past with Jacksonville)
"They have been. They are going to be physical when you play those guys. They have big, defensive linemen, they have big offensive linemen, big receivers. They're just a big, physical team. That's the way they are put together and if you're not prepared to be physical, you'll have a tough day."

(on if John Henderson and Marcus Stroud are as good of a DT tandem you will see)
"They're good players. They've both been to the Pro Bowl. They're big, athletic guys. They are the heart of their defense, and you have to get them blocked. When we've been able to do a good job on them, we do okay. I think that's the key to playing them, anybody that plays them. If you can't block those guys, it's going to be a long day."

(on Jacksonville's big receivers and problems that creates for the Colts' defense)
"They are guys who break tackles after they catch the ball. They are guys who you can have them covered and they can still catch it. These guys are good athletes, they're not just big guys. So, it's problematic. Most teams have one guy like that. They have about five that are all bigger than what you would call normal wide receivers. So, they're going to be bigger than we are."

(on how important it is to be the front-runner of the division)
"I think it's always important. You're always feeling better when you're playing from the lead and the other teams are trying to catch you. We put a lot of emphasis on the division. We study it and work hard and I think our guys know how important it is. I think Jacksonville feels the same way, knows the importance, and when you play these games early on, and there are a lot of them this weekend, that are going to put one team in the division lead. It's not like the season is over if you lose the game, but it certainly gives you a leg up."

(on becoming a rivalry and competing for the division lead)
"I think it is. It used to be us and Tennessee early on. Tennessee had beaten us in a playoff game and then won two to win the division the first year the division it was in existence. Since then, it's pretty much been us and Jacksonville. Because of that, the games take on added importance."

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