Peterson: "It's Going to be Real Physical"

Former Colts linebacker Mike Peterson made it clear that the Jaguars will be bringing their smash-mouth style of play to Indianapolis this weekend. Find out what he had to say about the matchup, and even about his hit on Reggie Wayne that drew a fine from the NFL last year.

(on his transition to MLB)
"I'm at home. That's how I looked at it when coming back."

(on his growth from OLB to MLB)
"It all came together. At first it was kind of shaky. I was basically coming from playing outside. Playing in Coach (Tony) Dungys' system, the one gap system, taking on blocks pretty much doing everything. I love it man. I'm trying to change positions in the middle."

(on what he means by changing the position)
"No more big backers. Small, speedy, no more big 250-206 pound backers."

(on playing weakside in Indy and how it prepared him for playing his current position)
"I wouldn't change anything. Playing weak side, it kept me sharp on making tackles. Playing open field, playing in space. It's easy. It's like riding a bike now."

(on the rivalry and the personal fouls from last game between the Colts and Jaguars)
"It's football, playing until the whistle. That's the way we're supposed to do it. That's what we do."

(on hard feelings against the Colts)
"There are no hard feelings on my end. I'm friends off the field. Once they blow the whistle, I'm going to play until the whistle. That's been my thing since I was playing little league, that's not going to change."

(on Jaguars feeling disrespected by the Colts)
"We're through with that respect thing around here. We turned that page after the Pittsburgh game. We'll let you guys print the respect thing, if you respect us or not. If you respect us good, if you don't, good. We're just trying to win ballgames. "

(on the intensity level this Sunday)
"You're going to get the same team you got last time, hard-nosed, smash mouth, play-til-the whistle. If you're asking me if it's going to be physical, yes, it's going to be real physical."

(on how they played Pittsburgh, their tough reputation)
"Probably so, I think it had a lot to do with being on the national scene. You can check the record, back from when I first came here two years ago. We've been playing smash-mouth defense from the get-go. This is no surprise to us. It's just a matter of us being on Monday night and everybody got a chance to see it."

(on if they had split with Colts last year)
"We heard about that the whole off-season. That was the fresh thing in everybody's mind."

(on Peyton Manning's mobility in the pocket, how hard is he to get to)
"He gets rid of the ball. I don't know about him being real mobile. I think it's just him knowing where the blitz is coming from, knowing and recognizing that point clock in his head. He's one of those guys that uses that play clock in their head. There is a certain amount of time he has to get that ball out of his hand."

(on some quarterbacks stepping up and sideways)
"It's knowing where the person is coming from. Feeling when the pocket is closing. That may be the best thing he (Peyton Manning) has, feeling where the blitz is coming from, where to go, just being smart with the quarterback position"

(on the late hit on Reggie Wayne last season and the fine)
"I was fined and had an appeal for it. The whistle wasn't blown. I play until the whistle. Like I told the guys here, when he caught that pass, he didn't think he was down. If he had thought that he wouldn't have jumped up. He jumped up and kept running and that was me coming to hit him. If I hadn't hit him and he scored, it would have been Mike Peterson lacking on the play. He's (Mike Peterson) not running to the ball."

(on winning his appeal)
"I won half of it. I'm not sure of the whole amount that they (NFL) fined me for. Eventually, I didn't have to pay all of it. The whistle was not blown."

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