Five Questions With Tyjuan Hagler

Tyjuan Hagler has focused on learning the weakside linebacker position after initially being slotted as a middle linebacker last season. ColtPower's Ed Thompson checked in on Tyjuan's progress in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: How are you doing at the weakside linebacker position compared to a few months ago?

Tyjuan Hagler: I feel great out there. I'm actually getting the grasp of the defense and feeling more confident. When we started it was like a roller coaster going up and down because I didn't know too much, but now I know a lot about the defense and feel more comfortable so I can actually make more plays.

ET: How much have you developed since you first hit the field in Terra Haute back in August?

TH: I've made a big leap because when I went in I thought I knew about seventy-five percent of the position, but when I actually got in there it dropped down to about forty to sixty percent. It's kind of like getting your first report card and you didn't do as well as you thought you did, but later you get another progress report and it tells you you're doing better.

ET: What were the parts of the game that made you reassess how much you knew about the position?

TH: On the running plays, you have to learn your shifts and where to line up -- and our offense loves to shift a lot and you have to adjust to the shift….that was really confusing. Now I'm more confident and when offenses start shifting I know where I'm supposed to be and where my help will be.

ET: Are you doing any work at middle linebacker, the position they originally slotted you for last year?

TH: No, I'm strictly doing weakside.

ET: What the most valuable advice the coaching staff has given you while learning this position?

TH: They told me to just go out there and play and have fun. My position coach told me, "don't be a robot out there…being a robot didn't get you drafted. You have to play the game the way you know how to play it." I actually started playing better after my coach told me that.

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