Manning: "It's Always a Sixty-Minute Game"

Peyton Manning talked to the media this week about the Colts' AFC South rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and about the team's running back tandem. Find out what he had to say about the Jaguars' secondary, the division title being at stake and much more!

(on Jacksonville's defense and shutting out the defending Super Bowl Champions –Pittsburgh-)
"The thing is that it's not a surprise when you see Jacksonville do that. We've seen these guys every single year, twice a year, and every time we play these guys, it's a challenge. And when you do move the ball against them or do score, even if it's in the first quarter, you feel like you have kind of accomplished something. We scored 10 against them here (in Indianapolis) last time and then down in Jacksonville, we were able to score some early. But it's always going to come down to the last drive it seems like. It's always a 60-minute game, and that's what we expect this year as well."

(on the importance of this game vs. Jacksonville)
"Going into the season, it's hard to analyze what teams are going to be like. As soon as the schedule comes out, you realize, ‘Hey, when are we playing Jacksonville?' We're playing them at home, it's our second division game here at home, and you circle it and realize how important of a game it's going to be and if it's based on history, it has decided the division. Their team was 12-4 last year and has won 10 of their last 11. So, everything is right there for you to see, as far as how good of a team they are. In order to beat Jacksonville, you have to play really well. It's as simple as that, and if you don't, you're going to lose and you're probably going to lose handily."

(on if the series has gotten testy over the last few games)
"I think all division games, the more familiar you are with an opponent and you're playing (Jacksonville), it's going to be very competitive. They have excellent players, and I think both teams know what's usually at stake and what's on the line when you play them. And both teams have a real sense of urgency when they play. Looking back, it's always going to go down to the last drive or the last couple of series, and it always makes for a good football game."

(on the division lead being at stake)
"(Head) Coach (Tony) Dungy does put up the division games and who Tennessee is playing this week and who Houston is playing and the division standings. That's always been one of our goals, to try to get the division lead, and you want to hold onto it. When you're playing a division game and playing here at home, that game does count double and it is a very important game. Jacksonville's coming off a huge win over Pittsburgh, they will be fired up, and it's going to be a really good football game."

(on Jacksonville's secondary)
"Very active secondary. Two excellent cover corners in (Rashean) Mathis and (Brian) Williams, and then, (Donovin) Darius and (Deon) Grant, we've been playing against those guys for a number of years, very experienced safeties that are very physical. So, it's always a challenge throwing the ball against that secondary."

(on if either RB brings something the other doesn't)
"I think Joe (Joseph Addai), I think you're learning a little more what he's capable of each week. You see certain things in games that you just don't see in practice. Even on that touchdown (reception last Sunday vs. Houston), it looked like the safety had the angle, it didn't look like (Joseph) was moving real fast and all of a sudden, he's in the end zone and the safety doesn't even get a piece of him. So, he's a lot faster than maybe what it seems from afar. And then you saw him taking some hits the other day and moving the pile. He's probably about to score on that goal line play…so you see the kind of strength that he brings. And Dominic throughout his years here, when he's gotten the chance, has shown the ability to make guys miss in the open field. I think with both of those guys, every time I hand off to them, you kind of feel like they have a chance to take it for a long one, which is an exciting thing. And I think the linemen feel that way, too. So, we're hoping we can see some of those longer runs throughout the season."

(on if he takes notice as to which RB---Dominic Rhodes or Joseph Addai---is in the game)
"I kind of notice when they're coming in, just because you see them substituting, but I don't change anything. (RBs Coach) Gene Huey is very adamant about those guys having the same footwork or paths on the handoffs. I think that's a good thing, that I'm not having to turn back and double-check with one guy to be sure they know what they're doing, because you have so much on your plate anyway. With Edgerrin (James), you always just snapped the ball knowing he was going to be in the right place. So far, both of these guys from a mental aspect have played solid. They haven't gone the wrong way on a run or haven't missed a protection, and that's what you expect from NFL tailbacks."

(on if it's advantageous to have one RB or take two RBs down the stretch)
"I don't think you just throw anybody in there. I think Dominic (Rhodes) and Joe (Joseph Addai) bring something special to the table with this offense. They both get comfortable running off the offensive line's cuts. I think it's nice to have something a little different. I like it when those two guys come in there together at the same time. We're not a team that really gives a lot of wrinkles to other defenses. We've run the same offense and same plays for a long time. Maybe for a defender, it's something that's tough to adjust to. Each has their own different type of running style, and if that can keep the defense off balance, then that's a good thing. If it can keep both of them healthy and fresh throughout the season, too, that would certainly be a positive as well."

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