Colts Postgame Quotes

Head coach Tony Dungy, quarterback Peyton Manning, defensive backs Antoine Bethea and Mike Doss, and wide receiver Terrence Wilkins provided some great insight on Sunday's victory in their postgame comments to the media.


(general comments)
"It was an exciting ball game. I have to take my hat off to the Jaguars. They came out with an excellent plan. They really got the jump on us. After playing a real physical game on Monday night, to travel, and come back six days later and play like that, you know they did a great job."

(on the Jaguars' running game)
"They had a good run scheme in the first half and it wasn't so much physical, but we had to adjust to how they were blocking and how Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew RB) and Fred (Taylor-RB) were cutting those balls back. We talked about it at halftime, got it settled down a little bit, and I think we limited the running game in the second half. It was 140 yards to 30 or so. We made those adjustments and our offense got back on track. It was just one of those games that we were just a little bit off and couldn't quite make the play we needed, but I have to take my hat off to our guys too. We didn't play our best but we fought well and held serve and will continue to play better. It was just a good game with two really good teams. We know we will see these guys again, they will be chasing us and hopefully we can stay in front of them. It will be fun. They are a real good ball club."

(on staying patient)
"It was a tough day. They were playing very hard, playing well. We were just off a little bit. I thought our sidelines stayed calm. We made some adjustments and we did keep our composure. They had two big penalties that took the steam out of their offense. They missed a couple of field goal which helped us. I thought we did stay calm and we realized that if we just started playing we would be okay."

(on substitutions due to injuries)
"It really is what we expected. We talked about that on Wednesday, that we would have some guys out. We had a feeling that Martin Gramatica (K) was going to kick and we said he will kick well, he will be fine. Mike Doss had to play for Bob Sanders and we knew Mike was going to play fine. The guys that stepped up, we weren't concerned about. It was the type of things you have to have to win a divisional championship. We're certainly not anywhere close to that, but these are the type of games you have to win to do that."


(on the Jaguars' defense)

"They are an excellent front four. All eleven of their defensive starters are good tacklers, guys that are very involved in the run game. Obviously they take a lot of pride in their tackling, so it was a typical Colts-Jaguars game, a four-quarter game, very physical. It always comes down to the last series and kind of depends on who has the ball last, who makes the plays and defensively. We did a great job of getting the turnover to put the game away."

(on the touchdown run)
"We ran the first-and-goal down there and they did a little something different. They brought the two outside safeties, blitzed them off the edge and that really stuffed the first play. So that was something they had not shown, so we thought they might do it again and (Off. Coordinator) Tom (Moore) called another kind of run play and evidently as I found out on the sideline, Coach Dungy told Tom to tell me to keep it. So, I didn't tell anybody else. See, the only way to run a naked bootleg is if you don't tell anyone else because everyone else runs the run play and runs full speed. So it came from the head coach and once I had clearance on that I knew we were safe to go."

(on not having the ball and trailing on the scoreboard)
"We just make a real emphasis on trying to utilize your possessions and trying to stay on the field. Obviously we only had three possessions in the first half and that is a good job by their offense of staying on the field, but also we have to find a way of staying on the field. We had two possessions, a couple three-and-outs, maybe five-and-outs, so the second half we made a real emphasis on converting third downs and staying on the field. That opening drive of the second half was really big and after that we were moving the ball well. We had some 3rd-and-threes, 3rd-and-fours that usually we convert. We just didn't convert this time, but really did a better job of coming out in the second half."

(on keeping poise when things don't go your way)
"Obviously, you have to move on. It's kind of one of those things you talk about it now after the game. I thought that was a catch by Reggie, or looked like the guy had his hand on Marvin on a couple of plays, but at the time, if you spend a lot of time complaining about it, its going to affect you the next play. After that play to Reggie, everybody was disappointed, but we came back and got a third-down conversion. I thought we should have gotten some points on that possession, but you have to stay poised, and offensively we have been in enough games and guys have been around enough to know that it is going to be a four-quarter game and you have to move on from it."

(on the Colts special teams)
"Terrence's return, obviously all eleven of those guys on that punt return team contributed to that play. That was a real lift for us. We were a little slow starting offensively. Defensively the Jaguars had some rhythm going, so for Terrence to make that play and the punt return team to make that play was huge."

(on defensive adjustment from first to second half )
"It just basically came down to us making hits. We just got back to basic tackling in the second half. We did a lot of the same things in the second half, but we came out with an attitude and just wanted to make plays. We're not a bend-don't break type of defense. We had our guys flying to the ball in the second and just got down to smash-mouth football."


(on a big division rival game)

"This was a really big win for us with both teams coming in 2-0. This was a big challenge for our defensive backs, because of their big receivers. I thought we really came out in the second half and contained them better than in the first. We wanted to make Leftwich (Byron) throw more by doing a better job of stopping the run in the second half. We just have to come out next week and continue to play to win."


(on his touchdown on the punt return)
"I spent all week looking at film, learning their coverage on special teams. I made good lateral moves towards the sidelines and my teammates made some good blocks. Jason (David) made a key block that broke me open. I saw how they covered their kicks and I just played it like I saw it on the films. It's like we talk about on special teams, we don't get out there for many plays, so we have to make the best of our opportunities. I thought our key on returns was that my blockers stayed on bodies to give me lanes to run through."


(on his late-game interception)
"We were in deep cover 2, our bread and butter...I saw the wind up and made a break on the ball. And once I caught it, I just tried to get to the sidelines and get it over with."

(on being out the first few games with injury)
"In this game, you've got to be patient because it's a long season. I just kept working hard in practice on the little things and it all worked out for the Colts today."

(on big defensive plays)
"It was a team effort. Everybody worked hard and I want to thank the trainers for helping me get back to this level."

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