You're In Our Thoughts and Prayers, Reggie

ColtPower extends our deepest sympathy to Reggie Wayne and his entire family on the loss of Reggie's older brother, Rashad Wayne, who died in an automobile accident on Sunday. And we ask that all Colts fans remember him and his family in their thoughts and prayers...

...There really isn't much more to say at a time like this when what's most important is letting someone simply know that you care. We're so helpless at moments like these when we wish we had the power to lift the entire weight of the sadness from those most affected.

But in addition to having a strong family, an organization and teammates who truly care about him, we also wanted Reggie and his whole family to know that there are thousands of people who will undoubtedly take a moment to lift up their hearts, their thoughts and perhaps even a prayer for them.

Scattered across the country, and even across oceans, there are Colts fans who are thinking of the Wayne family and will continue to do so this week. All of us at ColtPower certainly will.

We understand that football is a game played by real people who are making a living just like us, who experience many of the same moments of joy and despair that we all face in our lives.

And that common bond brings all of us together at a moment like this, whether you're a Colts fan in Indianapolis or in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or an administrative assistant at Colts headquarters, a starting linebacker for the Colts, a writer who covers the team, the owner or president of the Colts, or even the guy who turns off the lights in the locker room after the team has left for the day.

Suddenly, who we are and what we do is less important than the loss that another person is feeling -- someone who we're able to feel compassion for whether or not we've ever had the chance to exchange a personal "hello" with him or whether we're so close to him that he's like a brother to us.

Reggie Wayne has touched people's lives and brought moments of joy to thousands of people in different ways. And now he and his family have lost someone who brought joy to his life.

We get it. And we care. It's not a news story to us at ColtPower. It's a moment to express our support and encourage others to do the same.

Deepest condolences to the entire Wayne family -- and to all of those in the Colts organization who form his extended family -- from ColtPower and our family of fans.

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