Colt Scout: WR Devin Aromashodu

The Colts recently added former Miami Dolphins rookie wide receiver Devin Aromashodu to the practice squad. What's the attraction to the former Auburn star? And how does he fit into the Colts' wide receiver corps? Jerry Langton fills you in....

Devin Aromashodu
WR, Auburn

Numbers: 6'2 (6024)/201 pounds /4.35-4.41 forty-time

2005 stats: 26-494-4 receiving, 20-485-0 kick returns, 1 assisted tackle with Auburn

2006 preseason: 4-33-0 receiving, 2-43-0 kick returns with Miami Dolphins

The player: Stop me if you've heard this before. Aromashodu is a big, superfast receiver with good enough hands. But he also tends to shy away from the area between the hashmarks, struggles at times beating the jam, rounds off his routes to a maddening degree and can revert to basket-catching when things get tough. Such is the oft-repeated parable of the kid gifted with unbelievable talent who has gotten by in college ball because he's bigger and faster than everyone else, but who finds life a bit tougher in the NFL where everybody is big and fast. But Aromashodu is a bit more special than the guy with the 100 mph fastball who bags groceries at Safeway because he never learned control. A smart kid and an engaging young man, Aromashodu gives the impression that he could easily improve the deficits in his game if only he worked at them. A good sign that he is dedicated to the game is the fact that he's one of the better blocking wideouts to come out of the college ranks in recent years. Aromashodu has a great deal of experience as a kick returner, but his college success seems linked to the fact that he could run past or over most of his opponents. If you watch him on film, you'll see that he has scant natural elusiveness and little or no idea of how blocking schemes work.

How he fits: If there's one truism that applies to the Colts scouting staff, it's that they always feel they can get the most out of a talented but flawed player. And it's hard to walk away from a 6'2 guy with sub-4.4 speed and major college experience. While Aromashodu appears to lack the considerable intangibles it takes to be an NFL No. 1 receiver — unless Marvin Harrison can perform some kind of Vulcan mind-meld — he could well turn out to be a frightening No. 4 man who stretches defenses, catches the occasional long post and contributes on returns.

Reminds me of: Bryant Johnson, the former first-round draft choice of the Cardinals whose lack of toughness and poor routes have left him fighting for Larry Fitzgerald's and Anquan Boldin's leftovers.

Photo: Neil Ament/Badger Nation

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