Behind Enemy Lines With Dan Leberfeld

To get the real scoop on the Jets, we turned to Dan Leberfeld from Jets Confidential at the network. Find out which matchup he believes the Jets have to win on Sunday, the unknown player Colts fans will know by the end of the game and much more!

Ed Thompson:  Who are the Jets defenders that are most likely to be breathing down Peyton Manning's neck on Sunday?

Dan Leberfeld:  Safety Kerry Rhodes, who had three sacks in the last two games, is a tremendous blitzer from the blindside. Also, outside linebackers (the Jets play the 3-4), Victor Hobson and Bryan Thomas are decent pass rusher. Defensive ends in the 3-4 generally don't get a lot of sacks, but of the Jets defensive ends, Shaun Ellis is the best pass rusher.

ET:  Are there still concerns about Chad Pennington's durability? Has he taken any real shots yet and bounced back up?

DL:  Chad Pennington has taken a number of big shots, and hasn't missed a beat. He spent the off-season bulking up to help him withstand hits better, and so far so good. And just like Peyton Manning, Pennington does a great job sensing the rush, and avoiding it, and making something out of nothing.

ET: What's the latest on the Jets running game? Do you think Indy will see a more balanced offensive approach in hopes of keeping Manning off the field, or do you expect the Jets to try to win a shootout through the air?

DL: The Jets running game has been almost non-existent that far. They need to get it going against Manning to control the time of possession. They aren't equipped to win a shoot-out with Manning. Expect to see more of Cedric Houston this week. He is the type of power back who can do a lot of damage against the Colts' small front seven.

ET: Who's the player Colts fans are least likely to know that they'll be very familiar with by the end of this game?

DL: I would have to say Houston. The Jets have made a mistake by hardly using him in the first three games. He's a terrific player, who is great at breaking tackles. For an offensive line that isn't getting much of a push, they need a runner who can break tackles, and Houston is the man to do this.

ET: What's the battle that you think the Jets have to win to finish this game with a victory?

DL: The Jets need to put a lot of pressure on Manning. If they don't he will pick their pass defense apart. The Jets pass coverage is good, not great. They are also given to blown coverages since they are still learning a new defense. If they don't get pressure on Manning, he will find holes.

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