Mangini Talks About the Colts

Jets head coach Eric Mangini handled plenty of questions about the Colts during his press conferences this week. We compiled those quotes into one quick-read article for your convenience. Check out what he had to say...

(on the Colts defense on film)
"I love the way that they produce turnovers on a consistent basis. I think that since Tony (Dungy) has been there, they lead the league or are (+36 turnover differential), and very opportunistic, constantly putting pressure on the quarterback, fast, aggressive, relentless. I think there are a lot of problems that they generate week in and week out."

(on DE-Dwight Freeney)
"I think Dwight is impressive, I think he's really impressive. I got to know him a little bit last year. We're both from Connecticut, and he came and worked a football camp that I did, and a great person. The way that he plays and the different things that he can do in terms of pass rush, whether it be pure speed, speed to power, some kind of counter move, he's a factor every week."

(on DE-Dwight Freeney having an impact although not having great numbers thus far)
"Yes. He's an impact player. Across the board, they generate a lot of pressure every single week and help create those opportunities for turnovers in the secondary."

(on if DE-Dwight Freeney is a guy that he brings up differently when drawing up a gameplan)
"He's definitely someone that you can't help but talk about him the way that he consistently shows up. But when you have Robert Mathis sitting over on the other side, those guys have been one of the top sack tandems in the NFL the last couple of years. They're both incredibly productive and present problems. It's a challenge."

(on WR-Terrence Wilkins)
"He's tough, and obviously I had some exposure to him back in 1999 and 2000. He's always been a dangerous returner and he can change the game in a hurry like he did last week. He's a difficult guy to pin down."

(On the Colts' running game)
They have always been very effective running the ball, and I know that in the past when I've faced them, Peyton does a really good job of understanding where the eighth man in the box may be coming from or where the weakness is in terms of perimeter run support or however the support is set up. 

(On the Colts without Edgerrin James)
They are still scoring a lot of points, moving the ball up and down the field. They look pretty good. I think Edgerrin is a great player and was a great player for a long time. Rhodes and Addai are doing a nice job. Anybody who touches the ball has a good chance of being productive for them.

(On RB-Joseph Addai)
I think he has done a good job. He's made some really nice breaks, whether it be initially to get to the hole or down the field or catching the ball well out of the backfield. He was a productive player in college, and as we studied him, a good person, team player. I think that he was a guy that really brings a lot to any team.

(On the Colts being able to incorporate running and passing to confuse defenses)
I think everybody would love to know which ones are and which ones aren't. It's great, it's smart, it's very effective when you are able to incorporate the dummy calls with the real calls. It's much harder defensively to get a beat on, and that's something that it's so important when you operate in an offense like that is to be able to mix in a little bit of disinformation there, and he's very good at it.

(On the corners being physical with the receivers)
I think it's always an element of each game plan. I feel like the Colts are still in the division with how frequently I've been involved in facing them over the past. Every year it's a new approach and every year it's something different. It's important to have something different because if he sees it, and knows it, he'll beat it.

(On Manning and Indianapolis' win over Jacksonville)
He's a tough guy to contain. It's very hard to contain him. They won the game. The end result is they won the game. He's a big part of every win that they have. Each week he's just able to get them in really good plays pretty much all the time.

(On what he expects if the Jets fall behind the Colts this week)
I don't think it's a good situation to be in against anybody. It's not really what you'd like to do, New England being down 24-0. That was far from ideal. You always want to be in a situation where ideally you have the lead and things change in your direction. What's important is the way that the guys responded to those early deficits, the way that they fought back, eventually they gained the lead and maintained the lead.

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