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Former Colts RB Edgerrin James still feeling unappreciated, but this time by the Cardinals ... a couple of interesting tidbits to consider regarding the rushing results on both sides of the ball for Indy ... Colts - Giants Super Bowl? Don't count on it ... and much more in today's Quick Hits!

Running debate:  For all the chatter about the Colts not being able to stop the run versus their supposed inability to run the ball themselves, here's an interesting stat for you to discuss with other Colts fans. After three games, the Colts opponents have only rushed for an average of two more first downs per game than the Colts have. Indy has 17 rushing first downs versus 24 by their opponents. And four of the Colts' ten touchdowns this year have been off of running plays.

Pollard is special: 
12-year NFL veteran and former Colts tight end Marcus Pollard ended up playing on the Lions punt return unit last Sunday, and made a terrific open-field tackle on Packers punt returner Charles Woodson. Pollard enjoyed the moment. "It's better popping somebody than getting popped for a change. It felt good. It was nice to get a chance to hit somebody and not get hit," he said

Protecting the ball:  Over their first three games, the Colts have turned the ball over just twice. Peyton Manning has been intercepted once, and Joseph Addai fumbled the ball away once.

Unhappy Edge: 
Keep an eye on Arizona this weekend to see if the Cardinals give the ball to former Colts RB Edgerrin James a bit more. After three games, he hasn't hit the 100-yard mark yet, although last week he came the closest so far this season with 94 yards. He got 24 carries (3.9 average) but went public saying he wants the ball more in this offense.

"No, I'm not going to say anything about the play calling," James said. "I just want to play. I just want to be a part of it. I want the ball in my hands. When you're in the game and you don't have the ball in your hands, that's hard. I can't question why this and that. It's always a reason, but I don't know what is."

And then he tossed this statement out there as well.

"One day, my importance is going to be realized. I hope it's not too late," he said.

You know, Edge is a guy I loved to watch while he was in Indianapolis and will rank amongst my favorite Colts of all-time. But he's got to get off this self-importance indulgence and just play football. He can help the Cardinals realize his importance with his results when he does get the ball in his hands.

Right now he's only averaging 3.4 yards per carry, which at that pace would be a career-worst for him. In fact, he only had one season with the Colts where he failed to average at least 4.1 yards per carry. Arizona doesn't have a great offensive line, but for the money he's pocketing during the first two years of his contract, he needs to find a way to get it done. Last year's running backs averaged 2.8 yards per carry behind a line that didn't even have the talent that James has to work behind this year.

So far, the huge offseason free agency deal doesn't seem to be working out great for the Cardinals or James.

Did you know?  Colts rookie running back Joseph Addai is averaging 4.7 yards per game heading into today's game against the Jets. He's also caught eight passes and is averaging 7.1 yards per catch. 

Colts-Giants Super Bowl unlikely:  After the season-opening "Manning Bowl" between the Colts and the Giants, there was some speculation that the two teams could meet again at the end of the season to battle for the Lombardi Trophy. For the Giants, the odds aren't looking good after being humiliated by the Seahawks last weekend. Although the final score was 42-30, 27 of the Giants points were scored in the last quarter. 

But the huge loss wasn't anywhere near as damaging as the apparent crevasse that is opening between some of the players and head coach Tom Coughlin. Tight end Jeremy Shockey brazenly held court with the media afterwards and stated, "We were unprepared and out-coached," he said. "We got outplayed and out-coached. Write that down."  Shockey's comments were evidently a pointed retort to Coughlin's postgame press conference comment of being "disappointed and frustrated" with the team. When the feisty tight end was asked what he meant by "out-coached" he said, "You saw the game."

Shockey also took a parting shot at his quarterback, Eli Manning for only leading the offense to 3 points during the first three periods of play. "You've got to admit that Eli is just great at picking apart the prevent defense," he said. "Did you see him go to work?"

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