Pennington on Colts QB Peyton Manning

Chad Pennington answered plenty of questions after the exciting Colts - Jets game on Sunday at his press conference. Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential, our New York Jets affiliate at, noted that Pennington had plenty of praise for Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

Q) How difficult is it to deal with such a tough loss?

Chad Pennington: This is a tough one, one that's hard to swallow, but it's not the end of the world. We're 2-2 after four games, the first quarter of the season, so we have a lot to build upon. We're not 0-4; we haven't dug ourselves a hole. We are disappointed, no doubt, we've got about 24 hours to be disappointed, then we have to move on to the next quarter of the season. One thing about the NFL season, it doesn't wait for you to sulk and feel sorry for yourself. It keeps going and you have to prepare yourself every week. No matter if you win or lose your approach has to be the same. This one stings, but at the same time, I know this team, they're a tough bunch of guys, they have a lot of character and will go back and look at the film and make sure we're doing everything we can to make the corrections and get better and then see what happens.

Q) What are your thoughts on going for it on fourth-and-two instead of kicking the field goal?

Pennington: Hindsight is always twenty/twenty, but I believe in my coach and I believe in my team. We've got to punch it in and we didn't do that. That was disappointing. We'll look at the film and learn from it and make sure we make corrections.

Q) That was a fun game to watch. What was it like to play in?

Pennington: Anytime you play a football game against the Indianapolis Colts you better expect the unexpected; that's normally what happens. With their offense and style of football they play, they're an exciting team; you have to give them credit. They had two outstanding drives at the end of the game. Their defense came up with a scoring opportunity at the beginning of the game and they made us earn every yard, and every inch that we gained offensively. They didn't give us any big plays, so you have to tip your hat off to them for doing what it takes to win.

Q) Can you see the personality of this team starting to develop?

Pennington: Football doesn't build character, but it reveals character. I think our character has been revealed over these last four games. What we have to do is look at the film, get the corrections made, and then move on. We can not think about this after Monday night, we have to move on. We have a tough opponent ahead of us in Jacksonville and we've got to move on because if we don't, it's going to jump up and bite us. What we'll focus on is learning from this game and realizing that close doesn't help you win and there aren't any moral victories, but the NFL season doesn't let you sit back and reflect. You've got to keep moving forward and then you can reflect at the end of the season. Right now we're in the thick of it, we've done a decent enough job to be 2-2 and there are a lot of teams in this league who'd want to be 2-2 that aren't, so we've got to make sure we keep our heads up high and make sure we continue forward.

Q) What are your thoughts on how Peyton Manning played?

Pennington: That's why Peyton [Manning] is who is he is, that's why their offense is the best in the league and they do an excellent job of communication, they do an excellent job of execution, and it's no secret who they are and what they are. That's why they've been so successful. We've got to give them credit.

Q) What about those two throws he made to Marvin Harrison, when it looked like Peyton was going to run?

Pennington: I don't know exactly what happened, but just from my football expertise I think he recognized man coverage and he was going to run. When he got into traffic he popped up, and saw Marvin [Harrison] over there on the sidelines. What a play, it's unbelievable. That's why he is who he is.

Q) Why did you throw to James Dearth on fourth down?

Pennington: Well it's 4th down, we're on a bootleg, we have James Dearth out on the corner. Once the guy got around my waist I knew I had to put the ball up in the air, I can't think about stats, interceptions and all that. Hopefully, we get a touchdown, a great catch, or a pass interference, we have to do something. We can't take a sack and say, ‘we'll get ‘em next time'. You've got to do something because if you don't get it, they get the ball anyway, it's not like third down.

Q) What are your thoughts on the last play of the game?

Pennington: Once I crossed the fifty yard line with it and threw it back across to Justin [McCareins], I was like ‘something good is going to happen,' but we just kept fighting and trying to keep the ball alive. Even Mangold [Nick Mangold] got involved. It's like backyard football. Forget all the game plan and all the different ideas, its all about just trying to toss it around long enough to try to score.

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