Jeff Fisher Media Conference Highlights

Titans' head coach Jeff Fisher met with the media earlier this week and talked about his top two draft picks -- QB Vince Young and RB LenDale White -- and their progress, the challenge of being 0-4, how the team is dealing with the frustration, and more!

(on QB Vince Young's play in Sunday's game)
The first half was about like we expected. He was 50-50 in his completion. We were 57 percent on third down. We moved the ball, we got some points, he executed a two-minute drive and we went in 14-6. That's about what we expected. We had several opportunities, but they were not Vince Young related opportunities. They were mistakes or breakdowns by his teammates to take advantage of some things. I thought the first half was good and what we expected to see out of him. The second half, as things started to unravel, the first interception was a bad decision by Vince, and there are going to be those types of things that happen when you're playing a young quarterback. Then immediately after the turnover we were unable to stop (the Cowboys) and went down 21-6 and then things start to unravel at that point. I thought he did some good things. We showed some things that were new, that we'd practiced, that we put in the game for the first time. I thought he executed them nicely. One of the things that you observe as a young quarterback develops is you have to see how they overcome difficulties on the field; he had no problem with that whatsoever. He understood where the mistake was, he understood what he did wrong, put it behind him and moved on. You would anticipate a lot of encouragement from the teammates; he didn't need that. He said, ‘I'm fine,' he said, ‘Let's get back.' He was obviously optimistic about the start of each drive yesterday.

(on if Young's running production will increase as he gets comfortable looking at defenses)
Yes, he will. He'll understand. As he looked back at the tape I'm sure he was frustrated because there were a number of times when he could've pulled it down and run it for 10 yards, slid and kept the chains moving, but those things will come. What he did yesterday on a number of occasions is showed how far he's come as a passer and as a quarterback – checks on the line of scrimmage and those kinds of things.

(on if Young is patient enough in the pocket to wait before running the football)
He was patient and had more than adequate protection from our offensive line. Despite what they (offensive line) went through during the week with the injuries… I thought they did a nice job protecting him. He understood where his problems were. One of the things I said about Vince is what separates Vince from a lot of young quarterbacks is that he does not have to take his eyes off to see the rush. He feels the rush, he knows, he has a sense for when that's coming and he did. Unfortunately he got rid of the ball a little early in two instances but it was not his fault. It was because of a protection or a technique breakdown up front.

(on what RB LenDale White has to do to get on the field more)
Keep doing what he's doing. I thought for the most part he did a nice job. The one thing that you saw yesterday, I think his first or second carry picked up eight yards and it looked as if it may have been one of those boring, why'd you call that play kind of thing, it looked like a two or three yard gain and you look up at the chains and it's second and two. That's what he's good at is one cut and going north and south.

(on the inability of the defense to stop the run)
There are different things. We've had some games in the past where we've had some difficulties with that and we've by in large got it fixed and we'll get it fixed. We're looking harder at what's going on. Sometimes it's not a corner or a placing quick enough. Sometimes it's a guy getting pulled down or cut out of the backside or trying to do too much. Yesterday we got a situation, second and long where they ran a draw for first down and we had two missed tackles. It's a combination of things, but we'll shore it up. There were several other teams yesterday that are good run defensive teams that gave up some big days. We'll get this thing fixed.

(on if it's possible the offensive line will have the same starters for the Indianapolis game as the Dallas game)
Yes, there's a good chance for that. Zach's (Piller) still struggling. Zach will not practice this week.

(on LB Keith Bulluck's remarks that practice isn't following into the games)
Obviously first off and foremost he's frustrated and he's going to speak after. I have no problem whatsoever with a player voicing his opinion. What he was referring to is we had worked on one particular play in practice and walked and done this and done that and basically everybody was aware of it, knew what was coming and we still couldn't stop it. It was not a deficiency in the defensive scheme or the play called, it was distracted. One or two players didn't recognize it and weren't in possession to make the play.

(on if the play he's referring to was the Julius Jones' 26 yard run in the first quarter)
No, it was not the long run. It was a third and four completion to Terrell Owens. In the particular play you're referring to, Keith had a responsibility to carry Terry Glenn down through the seam and also get off a block. He didn't get the replacement outside and he was frustrated that his teammate didn't show up. Keith's fine, he's working hard. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get this thing going again. Those are the kind of players you need on your defense – guys that hate to lose, that hate to give up plays and that have been through the good times where you've been able to go out series after series after series and shut down an opponent. I don't blame Keith for being frustrated. We're all frustrated. I'm frustrated as a coach because we're not getting it done. But we will get it done and Keith's one of the first to tell you that it'll turn around.

(on the frustrations of being 0-4)
I mean it's difficult. It's embarrassing to go out and have the scoring discrepancy at home like we did. That was not fun. What we're trying to do is look at the overall improvement of this team and look at the potential and the potential in different areas. While we're doing that we're looking to upgrade the team if somebody out there is available. It's by no means the start we expected. It is what it is and all we can do is move forward.

(on if the higher expectations with the acquisitions of free agents been lost)/
No, I don't think so because we're getting terrific play out of Chris (Hope). David's making his share of plays, David Thornton. When you talk to Kevin (Mawae) all of the time, Kevin's having fun enjoying what he's doing. He's not having fun losing but he's very optimistic. David Givens is blocking and is patient; you haven't heard him say, ‘I want the ball.' He's out there to help. I think they've helped. I think it just shows you that four of those types of players wasn't enough. We could have benefited if we had been in a position to acquire more.

(on Pacman Jones' comment that the team needs more "thugs")
That's a post-game comment and I addressed that with him. That was out of line, especially considering what happened in the ballgame. I think what Pac was referring to was he wanted more tough guys, not guys that violate the rules or break the rules but just tough guys. I had a discussion with him. That was out of line and inappropriate.

(on if he thinks the team needs more tough guys)
No, I don't. I think there's toughness here. As I said, there were two games yesterday. There was a first half and a second half. There was a second half where we allowed ourselves to be distracted for whatever reason, whether it was Albert or whatever it was. And I think there's a lot to be learned from the opponent and I'll compliment the Cowboys on this. The Cowboys gave up a play and nobody panicked. The Cowboys had things happen, they missed a field goal and nobody panicked. They just kept playing. They were victims of a violent act and had every reason to just lose control, but you know what they did, they just kept playing. They remind me of a team that we once had here. In order for us to get there, we have to understand that you cannot be distracted by those little things that take place during a game and that would include the scoreboard or your opponent or the officials or what have you. You just play. I think the Cowboys should be commended right now for what they're doing and the direction they're headed.

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