Colts Postgame Quotes

Head coach Tony Dungy, quarterback Peyton Manning, LB Cato June, WR Brandon Stokley and RB Joseph Addai all had comments for the media after Sunday's win over the Titans. Find out what they had to say in our postgame quotes feature...


(general comments)

"These are very, very tough games to play. You got a team that knows you pretty well. They came up here and played exceptionally well. We didn't play maybe as well as we can play. But our guys again in the second half did what we had to do to win. So that's the good news, we are 5-0 and probably the next good news is that we have a bye coming up. We are not playing as well as we need to play. It's probably my job to get us better. We will work on that next week and the following week, but right now we are going to enjoy being 5-0. We had a little bit of trouble with a couple of things they did on the first drive. We worked on them. We kind of knew that they would have a little more wrinkles in for Vince Young now that he is playing the second week. We didn't handle it well the first drive but after that we kind of got the corrections made. We felt better on our chances to stop them. Offensively, we didn't hit our third downs. We had been converting at a very high rate and didn't convert them today. We didn't take advantage of those chances. They had the lead and that was the way they wanted to play the game. We kind of fell into that trap, but again, proud of our guys for coming back. I thought our locker room at halftime was really composed and we made a couple of adjustments, talked about what we needed to do in the second half and went out and got it done."

(on defensive play)
"We had a couple of little things we had to do defensively. We had a little option series out of shotgun with Vince Young. We have seen a little bit of it, we didn't play it quite well, made a little adjustment on that. We were overrunning some things on some of the cut-back running and we talked about that. It is disappointing. A lot of it today was one little glitch that we had in what they were doing with this option play. But some of it was just overrunning things, playing a little too anxious, not tackling well, and fundamental things. I think we can get that squared away and we have to and we have to improve it."

(on the Titans play)
"They are kind of a zone-blocking, option type offense and they had some good things. Their guys ran hard. Travis Henry (RB) I thought gave them a lift, ran through some tackles and you have to do some things to defend Young which opens up some things in the inside running."


(on the slow offensive start)
"Probably more of us (the reason for the slow start). The Titans basically played the same defense the entire game and we ran basically the same plays the entire game. We just did a better job in the second half of executing those plays. One thing that we have to try and do a better job of is avoiding the negative first or second-down play. Teams are making us go the long haul, which we can do, but if you have a penalty or a missed assignment and get 2nd-and-15 or 3rd-and-20, that can put you uphill a little bit. We had some of that in the first half, and then in the second half we did a better job of being sharper on first and second down.."

(on WR-Reggie Wayne's touchdown)
"They were playing a kind of combination defense down there where it's a zone-man combination. We ran the play before where he was open, I just could not find him. I threw it high to be safe and Reggie had a chance and they pushed him out. So the second play we were able to look to the right and try to freeze the linebacker and Reggie did a good job of just sitting in the zone and ensuring the catch."

(on coming from behind to win three straight weeks in a row)
"We are finding a way to win close games. Anytime you can be 5-0 and probably not playing your best football, that is a good thing as long as you improve. Now if you stay that same way and do not improve then it's going to eventually bite you. Our goal is to improve every week and I think we are in certain areas. We were a fast starting team in the preseason and to start the season and we have not gotten off to the fast start the past few games. Although the first drive I though two had two chances for touchdowns. The first one I kind of threw behind (TE-Bryan) Fletcher and the second one we just barely missed Reggie. I felt like we were in a good rhythm on that first drive then after that, the Titans did a good job of putting us into some long-yardage situations."


"That's what you get in the NFL. Teams play hard and they have a lot of good players over there. They had a good game plan, they executed it well and we were fighting for our lives and we knew that was going to be the case. They are a well-coached team and like I said, they have a lot of great talent and a lot of great athletes over there. We weren't playing all that well and they were playing really well." -- WR Brandon Stokley

"This is the NFL. They came out with a good game plan and got us rattled a little bit, then we settled down and made things happen." -- LB Cato June

"In the NFL, everybody is competitive. It's not like college. You might have some teams that are alright but not really good, but it doesn't matter what the score is or the record, each team has a lot of talent so you have to go out there with your A game." -- RB Joseph Addai

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