Dungy, Fisher Media Conference Highlights

Both Colts head coach Tony Dungy and Titans head coach Jeff Fisher had some interesting perspectives on Sunday's AFC South matchup. Find out what each one had to say in this media conference highlights feature...


(opening comments)
"Looking at (the game), there are some things that we need to work on in this bye week. It's coming at a good time, but there were some positives we can take out of it. Again, I thought Tennessee had a good plan coming in. We kind of thought they may come in and try to do some different things, gimmicky things, but they played and really wanted to slow the game down. They played defensively that way and offensively that way and tried to win a close game, which is a little different than they've played us in the past. And it was good strategy. We had that first series where on defense, it was really my fault. We had talked about this college option in practice, and I didn't think it was going to quite go the way it went. They had a couple of good plays from the shotgun for us. We had to make an adjustment and once we did, we were able to take that part of it away. We just were a little bit off on offense. They made us go the long route, we missed a couple of third-down conversions, a couple of holding penalties, those things that can stop drives. I think Tennessee played the way they wanted the game to go. In the second half we were able to make some plays and get those balls in the end zone, and we got the stops when we needed to. So, again, it's a positive win when you can win games that way, win a slow-down type of game. We got to 5-0, which was our goal before this bye, and I think we're happy about it."

(on the negatives from the game)
"The negatives are we had some penalties, some errors, some things that didn't help us field-position wise, and our run defense is, we're just a little bit soft right now. Yesterday, it was guys who were free that either couldn't make the tackles or made the tackles for six-yard gains instead of two-yard gains. And we just have to do that a little bit better. Those were probably the two biggest negatives. When you have a game like that, you really can't afford mistakes and penalties and re-punts. Our first punt, we're not on the line of scrimmage, we have them at the five(-yard line) and give them another five-yard penalty. Our second punt that we get a penalty that we have to re-punt. We lose 22 yards on that punt, just things like that that we can't do. All in all, it was good in that in division games, you expect them to be tight and expect them to be hard-fought. Again, we won our first three at home, we did what we needed to do, we'll see all of those guys again on the road and we'll have to play better."

(on if the run defense not being physical enough was the case vs. Tennessee)
"It was yesterday, where we were in position to make a tackle and Travis Henry's running hard and running through some tackles, LenDale White's running through tackles and it's not a question of anything other than they have seven guys to block, we have eight guys up there and the eighth guy has to make the tackle."

(on the defense being in the appropriate gap)
"We were for the most part. A couple of other games, it's been different things, not being where you're supposed to, the offense having good plays for that defense, but basically yesterday after the first drive, we understood that they weren't going to take many chances, they weren't going to throw the ball unless it was a situation where they obviously had to have it. We called a lot of eight-man fronts and we were in the right place and didn't really get them stopped efficiently enough."

(on not having the right personnel or not doing the right things with the run defense)
"I think we have the right people, it's a lot of the people that were here last year doing it. So, I'm not really concerned about the people, but we have to get it done and we have to understand what people are going to try to do. They're not going to give us the chance to rush the passer until we get way ahead, they're not going to give us the chance to make those turnover-type plays and that type of thing until we get the run stopped. I think once we understand that we'll be okay."

(on not having many opportunities to rush the quarterback)
"No, and these guys did a good job yesterday. We had some chances when we were able to rush. We had three or four chances at sacks and he was able to move out of them. But pretty much, it was, 'Hey, we're going to throw screens, we're going to just dump the ball off quick, if we have to throw, and hopefully stay in 3rd-and-3s where you don't have to drop back and throw.' That does make it hard to create energy-type of plays and get after the quarterback."

(on another comeback drive to win)
"You do, but it's not something you can do every week obviously. We expect to be successful in that situation and we have a lot of guys with confidence and poise, so that helps us. And we have a good offense. I don't think anybody would bet on giving us the ball with two minutes to go and saying they have to stop us. That's not the way to beat us, I don't think. When I was at Tampa, we used to try to plan the games the other way. If you had the lead and we were on defense and the other team had the ball, we felt pretty good. That's the way we structured things, and we didn't worry when our defense was out on the field. So you're trying to build it both ways, ideally. You'd like to have it that way, but if you would have told me we have one drive to win a game and our offense had the ball against anybody, we'd take that."


(general comments)
"Obviously, we came very close to executing our plan this week. It came down to us making a play in the fourth quarter. I have to say it was a distracting week, but our guys stayed focused and did what they had to do during the week, and just about everything we could get out of them we did today. This was a tough one on our guys, but they have every reason to feel better about themselves, because this was quite an effort out of everybody who played."

(on his decision to start Travis Henry over Chris Brown at running back)
"We've got three good running backs, and we felt Travis going into this week would be better suited to their defense. That's not to say Chris couldn't have done the same thing, but we're fortunate to have a good problem at that position."

(on the defensive call on Indianapolis' last touchdown pass)
"You're talking about an offense where the quarterback is calling the plays under center, and he's the best at it. We put (our defense) in a position to stop a third and two run and (Peyton Manning) recognized it, audibled out, and put the ball in the only place he could place it. You need to make plays, and it was a great throw under pressure."

(on if defensive players did a better job of playing their assignments)
"I don't think there was any mistrust in the scheme in the past. We simplified things. Not that we could simplify things this week or next week, but you have to. From a glance, it looks like you're not doing very much, but we did a lot of subtle things that helped us. We made some adjustments. The staff did a nice job making adjustments during the ballgame and forcing them to run one way or the other. It had the players in a position to where they were able to anticipate what was going to happen. We had guys playing really hard. David Thornton had an exceptional ballgame yesterday. He was all over the place. There were a number of other guys that were doing the same. We got some production out of the people up front. I was pleased with Tony Brown. Tony's been here for three or four days and he played 26 to 28 plays and was very productive for us."

(on Young's emotional state after the loss)
"He's was fine. I visited with him a little bit this morning. He was watching the tape and finishing up. He was encouraged because of the improvement, discouraged for one simple reason and that was because we didn't win. Not disappointed in something he did or didn't do but discouraged just because we didn't win. That does not set well with him or anybody else."

(on if it's ok for Young to decline interviews after the game)
"No, it's not. Again I think it's all part of the process. I hope that regardless of the outcome of the games the rest of the year that he'll be available for you. It meant a lot to him, this game, winning this game because he poured everything into it and it meant a lot. I will encourage him to be available to you. He took this loss on his shoulders. He's fine today and we'll move forward."

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