Dungy: "They're All Tough"

Colts head coach Tony Dungy doesn't see any of the next eleven games as being tougher than the others for the 5-0 Colts. "I just look at them that they're all tough and you try to win the next week," he said after practice on Wednesday. Find out what else he said about the team as they head into their bye weekend.

(on if you can get better during the bye week by working on fundamentals)
"You really can. We took all day yesterday as a coaching staff looking at what went on the first five games, the things we did well, things we want to do a little bit differently. We made a couple of little minor changes in some things and then just talked about things we want to emphasize. But it really is a week to really look at what we do and see if we can get that fine-tuned."

(on how he approaches the 5-0 start and the bye week, does he enjoy it?)
"Oh, I enjoy it, definitely, especially this week. To be 5-0 and to be in first place, you do. I worked for Denny Green and he had a great saying, ‘It's hard to win games in the NFL.' Because we've done it a couple of years now, a lot of people want to take it for granted. I don't think we do, I don't think our players do. And the fact that you've played five teams and you've won (the games), that's a good feeling. We know we have to play better, we know part of this week is about improving, but to sit back and relax this weekend and be 5-0, you can't beat that."

(on the schedule getting tougher down the road)
"You're never going to be able to evaluate who is going to be tough, who isn't, what's going to happen. People could look at us last year and say, ‘Hey, Indy is going to be a tough game,' and then, Week 14 and Week 15 we aren't playing our guys. So, you don't know what's going to happen, who's going to be hot, who isn't, who's going to be hurt, who isn't. I still don't know that we know who's good and who isn't. You have some ideas, but I just look at them that they're all tough and you try to win the next week."

(on if there is a reason for the improvement in the running game)
"No, it's really the way people played us. I think the last two weeks we had teams really trying to slow the game down and trying to slow our passing game down and really giving us some run looks. And Tennessee, last week, almost forced us to run the ball. So, you get those looks and your backs are averaging 4.5, 5 yards a carry. That's what we expect, but really, nothing different other than the defensive fronts that we saw."

(on the Colts' and Bears' 5-0 start, last year's streak and if there always seems to be a ‘team')
"No, it only affects you if they're talking about you and you buy into it. I'm kind of glad it's not us this year. We'll let Lovie (Smith) handle that, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. Really, the season is long. You're number one goal is to win your division. That's where we're focused in, and that's where we've been focused every year since we've been here. Then you start thinking about other things, but in terms of anything beyond that, we were not focused in on 16-0 last year and that's not the way we do business."

(on Lovie Smith and the Bears' situation)
"I think they're doing well. They're playing a lot like we were last year, where they're on top of their game all the way around, they're scoring early and that's really playing into their hands. And defensively, they're putting the clamps on people when they get ahead and they're having fun. I feel good for them because they put the team together that way and it's coming to fruition."

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