Bucs Media Conference: McFarland Trade

Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen met with the media to talk about the trade of defensive tackle Anthony McFarland to the Colts, as well as other issues. We've pulled out the highlights that were relevant to the trade for our ColtPower Insiders...


(Opening statement)
"As you know, today we made a couple roster moves. We traded Anthony McFarland to the [Indianapolis] Colts and we signed Phillip Buchanon. First of all, on Anthony, those of you who know him know he is a tremendous person. He has always been a valuable member of our team and the community. We are going to miss him as a person and we wish him well in Indy. It does reunite him with Coach [Tony] Dungy and hopefully it works out well for him." 

(On why the timing was right to move DT Anthony McFarland) 
"Well, it's the trade deadline today. We have always proposed moving the trade deadline back a little bit, but haven't gotten any movement from the league that way. [And] that's the last moment you can make a trade." 

(On what led to the decision) 
"One is the interest of the Colts. They did step up and give us something quite valuable. Ellis Wyms' progression and his production has really come on strongly. He had a very good game. We're not basing it on one game; we saw Ellis' production a few years ago and wanted to get him more playing time. This gives Ellis a great opportunity to step up and become a great player in the NFL." 

(On what the team was looking to obtain for McFarland) 
"Today we looked at a lot of options. Our goal with the trade deadline was try to improve the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in any way we could. We were looking at some players and we had a lot of discussions with teams; trying to acquire players from them. Through that, Indianapolis was interested in Anthony and we felt this was the best opportunity, not only for the Buccaneers but a good opportunity for Anthony to go to a place where he has familiarity with the coaches."

(On other teams' interest in McFarland) 
"I have to let the Colts answer that question. We had discussions with other teams trying to acquire players. The Colts were the one team that was interested in Anthony McFarland. I am sure it has to do with Corey Simon being out for the season." 

(On if he felt he was not getting production out of McFarland) 
"I would rather not talk about that. We'll let people speculate somewhat. He's a good guy. Even though we beat him in golf each year that we played him, and look forward to playing him again. He's been involved in our organization for a long time. From that standpoint, it was a trade with a heavy heart [but] with the sights of the Philadelphia Eagles coming up and what is the best thing for us as an organization." 

(On the Buccaneers' salary cap position after the trade) 
"We are comfortable this year and next year. All the salary cap issues are out the window." 

(On the reports of a fire sale) 
"No [the reports weren't true]. Somebody gave me a wire story about that after the game. There is no such thing in the NFL. I could imagine my garage has a lot of extra things that you could sell. We weren't interested in getting rid of our players, we were interested in acquiring players that we thought could help us. Today's trade was the only trade on the waiver wire. There wasn't another trade done. Once again, the NFL trade deadline doesn't have the same meaning as other sports. And nobody, really, wanted to part with any of their players."

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