McFarland Ready to "Play With Passion"

After arriving in Indianapolis, Anthony McFarland talked to the media about what kind of player he is, his nickname, playing with energy and passion, what head coach Tony Dungy means to him and much more...

(on if he needed a fresh start)
"I wouldn't say I needed a fresh start. Obviously whatever their reasons, I didn't know and I really don't get into that. My job is to play ball and to do the things that I've been blessed to do. That's what I'm here to do and try to help any way I can."

(on if he can play right away)
"I don't so any reason why not. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

(on if he's about to play in the same type defense)
"That's what everybody says. Once we get inside and take a look with the coaches, we'll see. I'm sure there are some things that are different, but we're going to work hard to get it down and go from there."

(on being familiar with his new surroundings)
"I'm familiar because it's good people. Everybody I talk to that's familiar with the situation talked about the goodness of the people and the people that are here. When you can come into a work environment where there are good people and people are ready to work hard, it makes things easy. That will make it easier."

(on being the difference maker for this team)
"I'm not proclaimed as a savior. I'm not the difference maker. What I am is a guy who is going to come here, work as hard as I can and try to do whatever they ask me to do. That's what I am."

(on his nickname ‘Booger')
"My mom gave me the nickname when I was two years old. I've had it some twenty-six odd years. I got called a lot of names, but that that was kind of one that everybody grabbed a hold of and here we are twenty-six years later and I still got it."

(on helping the run defense)
"I think they saw a player available and took a shot at it. The coaches will inform me of what my role should be and what I'll be asked to do and my job is to line up and perform to the best of my ability."

(on the type of player he is)
"I'm a player that is going to work hard, will be on top of the details and will come out and play with a passion. I think when you do that, the detail things that I think you guys are looking for will take care of themselves."

(on pre-game introductions and on-the-field excitement)
"We just like to have fun. Once you get out on the football field and you get in that environment, you have to play with emotion. You can't play with the same energy that you walk around the building with. I'm no different than anybody else. Everybody had their own thing as far as how they get their energy and how they get ready to play. We as players all have different ways to do it."

(on adjustments coming here)
"When you have change, there are always adjustments. I've been around long enough. I don't know everything, but I've learned enough over the years how to adjust to change whether it's personally or professionally." 

(on coming to an undefeated team)
"In five minutes, I gained four wins. It was a pretty good deal. I don't say that in any way to knock what just happened in Tampa. Obviously we at the time were struggling down there and now we at the time seem to be doing pretty good up here."

(on what Tony Dungy means to him)
"When I first came out of LSU, I was known as a guy who was a great athlete, maybe too small, etc. A lot of guys said we'd love to have him (me), but we don't know if he can do this or that and he (Tony) really stepped into the forefront and put his foot forward in the organization down there and was part of that staff that drafted me, so that means a lot to me. You can't say enough about a good man, because good men and good people are hard to find, so anytime you meet them or anytime you are in there presence, you can feel it. Good men, good people, they stick out."

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