Colts Q&A: LB Freddy Keiaho

ColtPower's Ed Thompson caught up with linebacker Freddy Keiaho to get his impressions of the last few games, to discuss the pair of big returns on kickoffs over the past two games, and much more in this exclusive interview for our Insiders.

Ed Thompson: You guys have had some exciting games since your first NFL appearance in the Jacksonville game.

Freddy Keiaho: Yeah, the New York game was crazy.

ET: Have you been a part of one like that before?

FK: Yeah, but we were always losing and it's nice to be on the winning side of it.

ET: What was it like being on the sideline and watching Peyton Manning go out there for that last drive?

FK: Being a part of this organization you just feel like you're going to win and I just felt like we were going to score. Terrence (Wilkins) did a good job returning the ball across the forty yard line. You just have that feeling that you're going to win and that's something I haven't experienced since high school.

ET: Was the Titans game much tighter than what you guys projected?

FK: This is the NFL, and there are no bad teams in the NFL.  I mean they were 0-4 but they're playing against other good NFL teams. It was a lot tighter, but the media giving us nineteen points…that's unheard of; that's like Michigan playing Troy State or something like that.

ET: I was surprised by that too. I thought you guys would win, but I didn't think the spread would be that big.

FK: They had a good game plan for us and they didn't let out offense have a fast start. They tried to get us to run the ball and we just had to execute on defense to hold them down.

ET: The special teams group has given up one big play in each of the last two games. The average fan might not understand where a breakdown is going to occur that allows a big play to break; what did you see that allowed teams to break a big play against you guys?

FK: It's just execution. We have a game plan going in and (Russ) Purnell is a great special teams coach. It's just execution; we need to go out there and execute better on kick-offs every time. We've had some great kickoff coverage, but we've had some lapses -- and those lapses have come at critical moments.

ET: When you say lapses, is it more staying in the lanes or wrapping up tackling or a combination?

FK: It's a combination of both. We just need to make a tackle when the tackle's available and we need to play our lanes a little better, but you can't single it out and say it's one thing over the other.

ET: What's been the biggest challenge for you since you've gotten out there in the regular season?

FK: I just need to play football. I need to get healthy, get one hundred percent and just play football.

ET: I know right after your knee injury you told me that you only have one speed and only one way to play the game…has that held true?

FK: Yeah I'm not trying to do anything different, I'm just trying to be the player I've always been.

ET: Is there anything else you'd like me to pass on to the fans at this point?

FK: Just that we're trying really hard on special teams and kick-off coverage. And don't worry, we'll get it fixed.

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