Brunell, Springs Media Comments

Quarterback Mark Brunell has great respect for the Colts defense, despite the knocks they've taken for their results against the run. And he understands the importance of Sunday's game for the Redksins. Find out whay he and cornerback Shawn Springs had to say this week to the media.


(On how important it is to get a win this week)
"We need a win, 2-4 is certainly not where we thought we would be. Hope is not lost. We have an opportunity this week to face a very good team and hopefully come away with a win. We understand it is going to be a tough one because it is one of if not the best team in the NFL right now. It is certainly a big challenge and we are at a must win stage of our season." 

(On if they are in the same mode right now that they were in last year when they had to win)
"We are in the same situation of course but it is earlier. We are going to find out about the character of this team. It is another opportunity to display what we are made of. Hopefully we are made of all the right things and we can get this thing turned around." 

(On the Indianapolis defense)
"They play very well together. They are fast and aggressive. They probably have two of the best ends in the league. They have a great pass rush and are smart as far as their coverage. They are winning football games. They understand that their offense is gong to score some points and so they play smart and safe. At the same time they can stop the run and stop the pass. There is not a weakness over there in my opinion." 

(On if he needs a solid performance to keep his job)
"I need a solid performance regardless of the situation. I want a solid performance so we can win a football game. We are all in this together. Each guy would tell you that they want a solid performance so we can get this thing on track for all of us. That is really important. A solid performance is certainly important this week." 

(On if being in a new offense and having new receivers makes it harder to get those big plays downfield)
"We want to get the ball down the field and we want to run the ball. There are a lot of things that we want to do. There are a lot of things that we go into each game with the mindset of doing. Unfortunately to this point we have not been able to do that. We have had moments. We have had good halves and good quarters. We have had some big plays and big wins but we need some consistency. That starts with the run and hopefully that opens up some opportunities in the passing 
game. We have had a couple of games where we have shown exactly where we want to be and we just need to maintain that and get one of those this Sunday." 


(On if he feels he could play the whole game this Sunday) 
"I don't know. I am taking it day by day. Today was the day I took the most reps so we will see how I feel tomorrow. I have been off for two months. I probably took more plays today than I did in the game so I am going to see how I respond." 

(On how good it is having a guy like (DB) Troy Vincent on the roster now)
"It is good. Anytime you can add a quality player with his knowledge and experience, he brings a communication aspect and playmaking ability. I think he still has some juice in his tank. That is going to help a lot." 

(On the best way to contain Colts quarterback Peyton Manning)
"Play your game and play disciplined. Peyton is the type of guy where if you are not on your game and you are out there free lancing and floating, he will make you look bad. You have to really stay disciplined and play your game."

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