Colts Postgame Comments

Head coach Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai and other Colts talked to the media following the team's win over the Redskins on Sunday. Find out what they had to say about their efforts and their opponents in our postgame comments feature.


(general comments)
"It was a very nice win for us. We knew it was going to be tough. I have so much respect for Coach (Joe) Gibbs and his staff. I knew how he was going to have his guys prepared for this game. I was a little concerned with us all week coming off the bye, just making sure we're sharp. We had a little bit of rust at the beginning, didn't finish off a couple of drives like we wanted to in the first half. But the second half, at halftime, I felt like we had a good attitude in the locker room. We talked about some things we wanted to do. Our kickoff return got us a little momentum. We scored and really set us up for a really good third quarter. It was good to see us come out and respond like that. It was a good win for us and I think something we can build on."

(on Peyton Manning)
"We never like to see our quarterback get hit. It's something that we try to not have happen. He got hit a couple of times today and fortunately he was fine and got through it. We hit their quarterback a few times, too, and that's the name of the game when you're on defense. He was ready to go. At halftime, I asked him if he was okay and he felt like he was fine, back to normal and he was on fire in the third quarter. I think he just got hit and I'm not exactly sure what it was or what was bothering him. But we had the doctor look at him and he said he was good to go. We were just a little out of sync there at the end of the first half. In the second half, we got organized at halftime and we were very sharp."

(on the defense)
"I thought we were better. I'm a little disappointed we didn't make some plays when we had them in those long-yardage situations. They hit us with a couple of draws. The one run Portis (Clinton) had kind of broke. We had a little miscommunication and didn't get our stop right up front. All in all, I thought we played better and you can see signs of it over the bye week and I thought we played a little faster and played with more aggressiveness. And I thought Anthony (McFarland) did a good job and helped us out."

(on the running game)
"It's going to be what it is and Joseph (Addai) had a good day. Joseph's a good back. Dominic (Rhodes) is a good back. Sometimes it's going to break for one guy sometimes, not for the other guy."


(on the difference in the two halves)
"I don't think there was a conscious effort to change anything. I think we came out the first drive and did what we wanted to do offensively, come out and get the lead, get some points early. We just had a thing or two happen here or there that kept us from getting in the end zone on the other drives in the first half. In the second half it was a matter of doing the same thing, just finishing off the drive. We had the fade to Marvin (Harrison), just barely out of bounds. That is the difference of four points there. So just doing a better job of finishing off the drives there in the second half."

(on looking for Marvin in the second half)
"I am always looking for Marvin (Harrison) and Reggie (Wayne). They had different guys covering them and when it's true one-on-one, its hard to cover those guys. We finally got them into some man-to-man looks. They were playing quite a bit of zone early and we finally caught them in some man-to-man looks and were able to hit some plays on them. Reggie's post route was a good play to hit them versus that. That sort of backed them up a little bit. We got down there inside the five yard line and they pretty much were going to bring them all, so that is leaving the corners out there on an island. When you have Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison out there you can't ask for a better scenario."

(on RB-Joseph Addai's running in the 3rd quarter)
"Joe ran hard, both of them (Addai and Dominic Rhodes) ran hard. We qualify a big run as over twelve yards. Coming into this game I think we only had five, we had one a game. I don't know, it seems like today we had a few more than that. He was breaking some tackles and anytime the running back breaks tackles, that just inspires the offensive lineman and the tight ends and the guys blocking. That was good to see. Anytime you can get your running back into the secondary that is a little bit deflating to a defense."


(on the Colts playing well in the second half)
"Some kind of way we have to do it in the first and second half…We just felt like we left too many opportunities on the field in the first half. We came in at halftime and we just told everybody just keep our composure and that we had stopped ourselves in the first half. We went out there in the second half and everything started clicking."

(on playing so well after the recent death of his brother)
"That's huge. It means everything. I feel like he's watching me and I got everything in me. It's a great feeling and I just want to go out there and keep pushing for him."


(on the effectiveness of the Colts running game)
"I think week by week the whole running back group is getting better, and I think that's the whole thing taking it game by game. I think it's the line's job to do the first half and then us as runners have to do the second and not let one tackler bring you down. I just keep moving my legs and try to break tackles and us working together as a team we were able to do that."

(on second half adjustments)
"I think it's really just sticking with what we were doing. I think every team, offense and defense, come out in the first quarter amped up and I think that if you keep on doing your things eventually one side of the ball will give up and that's what we were trying to do."

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