Redskins Postgame Comments

Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs and quarterback Mark Brunell handled a few questions from the media on Sunday about the team's second-half collapse, penalties, and their disappointment and frustration that they didn't get things turned around in Indy.


(general comments)
"For us, personally, I thought we had a real good week of work for us. It was a good week of preparation. I think we really wanted to give a great effort. I felt like our first half, we went after it hard. We went after it hard all the way, but I felt like our first half was a good first half. We came out in the second half and we just couldn't get anything done. You have to give them a lot of credit; they're a good football team. This is a tough place to play. So, you've got to give a lot of credit to them. I felt like our guys fought to the end. They kind of overwhelmed us in the third quarter."

(on losing the lead after halftime)
"I think that we've had leads several times this year, most of our games, really, at halftime, and that's probably one of the things we'll look at and analyze. We just haven't come out in the third quarter and performed the way we should, or in the second half period."

(on penalties after Randle-El's touchdown)
"I think (WR-Antwaan) Randle-El's was a deal where you go in the endzone and you're fired up about making a great play. It's an emotional thing, and he hits the goalpost and goes on his back, and the rule is you're not allowed to do that. Now, I don't know about that. The guy makes a fantastic play and he's all excited about things. And, certainly, I look at that and say he's emotional, he's a super guy, a super person, and a super smart guy and I think it's just emotion at that point. Really, right now we're at a point where we ought to say what you can do on a celebration instead of what you can't do."


(on the first half)
"It was a game in the first half. We came in at halftime feeling good about what we wanted to do. Second half, they put some points on the board, we didn't put up enough points. It is very frustrating."

(on the 2-5 current record)
"We couldn't be more frustrated. As you all know, we had high expectations. You always do. Where we are right now is very frustrating. I believe we are a much better team than 2-5. All we can do right now is stick together, work hard, and go into this bye week and hopefully correct some things that need to be corrected. Then we have Dallas at home next week, and we need to win that game."

(on the team attitude)
"I think this is a great group of guys, and that will never change. I really believe strongly that we have a lot of character. If there is a team that can stick together, this is the one. We already saw that after we broke after the game."


(on his utilization in first half including his touchdown)
"Early in the game we were able to mix it up quite a bit and kept them off balance. We threw a lot of short stuff and we did a good job going into the second half. But, we started to get down and you're a lot more predictable when that happens."

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