Six Points With Gilbert Gardner

Colts strongside linebacker Gilbert Gardner talked to ColtPower's Ed Thompson about today's matchup against the Denver Broncos. Get his thoughts on six points, including the team's outlook, the Denver offense, and what it will take for the Colts to win.

Ed Thompson: So far this season, which game has been the most fun for you?

Gilbert Gardner: It's always fun playing a rivalry team like Jacksonville or Denver and I think the most fun game will actually be this game coming up. There's been so much excitement and everyone's been looking forward to it. And I just think playing at their stadium, the excitement will be there and it's definitely going to be a fun game for both teams.

ET: This week you're going up against a Denver offense that has really struggled to put points up on the board, but I'm sure you're not taking them lightly…

GG: Not at all, they play really smart ball. They have a great defense over there, so they're just playing to their defense. The offense doesn't need to do much to win games right now, so they haven't been the focus. I'm sure if their defense wasn't performing like they are, they would open up the playbook a little bit more for their offense. But right now you look on paper -- and again, looks are deceiving -- it looks like they're struggling. They're just playing to their defense and we need to go out there and play our best game to this date.

ET: What aspect of their offense do you think is the most dangerous?

GG: Definitely the deep ball. Denver will always be known for their running game, anytime you can throw the ball overtop and get a huge touchdown that means it's definitely a huge threat.

ET: Denver hasn't used their tight ends much in the passing game so far this year. Is that because they use more 3-wide receiver sets or are their tight ends just primarily used for blocking?

GG: I wouldn't say that. While they do a good job at blocking, I believe they use their tight ends as they use their offense…as needed. When they need a big play and the tight ends need to become a factor they have been. It hasn't been very often, but they have been. So I wouldn't say they're in there just for blocking, not at all.

ET: While watching film on Broncos running back Tatum Bell, what do you find most impressive about him as a running back?

GG: He has very good vision and he has the ability -- every time he gets the ball -- to take it to the house. So we have to corral him and contain him.

ET: What's the key to victory in this game for the Colts in your opinion?

GG: Execution. In football, for the team to be successful, for one play to be successful, for one player to be successful something else has to mess up for somebody else and it's no different in this game. You've got to have execution, and there's two very good teams going at it this week, so we'll see.

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