Tony Dungy: "A Great Win For Us"

Although he expressed continued concern about the Colts run defense, head coach Tony Dungy mentioned plenty of positives following his team's hard-fought victory over the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Find out what he had to say...

(general comments)
"Obviously, it was a great win for us against a very good Denver football team. We knew we would have to play well to win coming in here. I think we played well in the first half. We just had to settle for a lot of field goals. Peyton only missed three passes in the first half. We just had to convert our drives. Denver made a good adjustment in their running game in the second half. I take the blame for us not adjusting quick enough. Our offense was hot, and they made it up for us. We had a lot of ammunition tonight, and had the ball last."

(on CB Champ Bailey)
"With Champ on (WR) Marvin (Harrison), Marvin was able to catch some balls, and Champ had really good coverage. With our offense, we don't really have to go one place. We go based on what the defense shows us. This is a good defense, Denver's defense – a really good defense – to get all the points that we got and move the ball l like that shows how professional our offense is, and how we were able to keep our poise and win the game."

(on if he felt the last team with possession would win)
"I didn't hope that was the case. I thought eventually that we would stop them. We just didn't adjust well. As long as the runs were outside we were okay. They made some really good adjustments, but it would have been nice to stop them, and not have those last two drives. When our offense has the ball with a chance to win, we feel pretty confident. 

(on improving their defense)
"We just need to get more consistent. The second half was way too many rush yards. We have to get better – there's no question about that. This was definitely a game when our run defense could have lost it for us."

(on QB Peyton Manning)
"This was not unusual for him. We've had a lot of games like that. I knew if we could hold them to a field goal I would feel pretty good about our chances."

"You can't over emphasize how good the quarterback (Manning) is. People try to do different things against him, and he just follows his reads. We've been running the same plays for the last seven years and Peyton just always knows where the ball is going."

(on Denver's cornerbacks)
"They mix up their coverage a lot. They have a lot of confidence in their corners. They had a lot of single coverage on our receivers. Reggie Wayne was able to get a lot of one-on-one coverage and made some plays for us. When the safeties were on the outside, Peyton would throw it inside, and when they were on the inside, Peyton would throw it to the outside. He did a good job of reading it."

(on looking ahead)
"We haven't really looked at that at all. We can't get ourselves. This is still October. If we keep improving we will be where we want to be. We have to improve our run defense, and there are some other things we need to work on. Right now, all I know is that we are three games ahead of Jacksonville."

(on Denver's defense)
"They did what they've been doing all season. They made you have 10-12 play drives. Most teams haven't been able to execute that and convert on third downs. We thought if we didn't have any penalties or drops, we would be able to move the ball."

(on RB Joseph Addai)
"Joseph has been getting better and better. Today was just his day. (RB) Dominic (Rhodes) has been good for us. We just gave Joseph the ball a little more in the second half. We feel like we have two good backs. Joseph has been giving us a lift and running the ball really well." 

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