Colts Take This 'W' in Stride

Peyton Manning talked about staying in "Manning Mode" despite the exciting atmosphere on Sunday and how he was able to connect so efficiently with his receivers. Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Raheem Brock and Adam Vinatieri also shared their comments with the media after Sunday's win.


(on Broncos safety John Lynch)
"In the red zone, obviously their safeties came up and were more aggressive. On the first touchdown to [WR] Reggie Wayne, we caught Lynch out in the flat, and it was the right call at the right time. The second time, after the fumble, they were in some kind of blitz and there must have been a miscommunication. It looked like they had two guys that went to the flat after Marvin, and Reggie came over and dropped deep, so I threw it high to him. I call it the ‘Lynn Swann Catch' – that high jump in the back of the end zone."

(on second half improvements)
"We wanted to play better in the second half. That's what Denver does – they make you play perfect. We talked about really concentrating on one play at a time. We threw the ball well in the first half. They just made more plays in the red zone then we did. In the second half it was the other way around."

(on Denver's cornerbacks)
"They are both excellent cover corners. When you throw against [CB Champ] Bailey and [CB Darrent] Williams, that is why you work so hard in April, May and June, and start running routes. You practice like you always have Champ Bailey covering. You have to throw a perfect pass on a perfect route."

"Bailey is a really good cover corner. Marvin Harrison ran good routes. Sometimes it's just how the hash falls. If you end up on the right hash when you call the play, it seems like we went to the right hash a little more in the second half, and sometimes your first read is to the left side. The touchdowns to Reggie – he was the first read on those plays. If he's not open, then they come back around with the reads. There's plenty of time in the pass rush to come back around. I had Marvin. When I threw it to [RB Joseph] Addai in the first half, we were short, it made it third-and-six, I needed five yards. I was smacking myself, I had Marvin backside on the end route."

(on WR Reggie Wayne)
"I am proud of how Reggie acted after the two-point conversion. A lot of guys, after their third touchdown, they do their little deal. But this two-point conversion made it a different ballgame. He just threw the ball over to the equipment manager, and was already focused on the next play."

(on Denver's defense)
"Nothing surprises me any more in this league. You come into every game, you know they have an excellent defense, you know they run the ball well, and we just try to be efficient with our possessions. We just try to be efficient. What a great atmosphere out there, it kind of makes you want to have an outdoor stadium. In pregame, I just kind of took a minute when I was focusing on my timing, it reminded me of some Saturdays back in Knoxville [TN]. They have a great crowd and a great team. It was a great football day."

(on getting excited)
"In years past, we've had some games where we hit those plays when we have a lead so big…when you're back and forth and you know it's going to be a fourth quarter game, I really enjoyed it. I enjoy it, I enjoy playing in it. So with the game last week, it sort of reinforces your priorities you know when you see quarterbacks going down like flies around here, you enjoy it while you're out there. Don't take it for granted. I like to celebrate a little bit. You're not going to see me get too extreme. You have to keep in the ‘Manning Mode'." 


(general comments) 
"I talked to (Dwight Freeney) and told him I thought I would have a good game today. I feel like that every week. My number was called today and I was able to make some plays. We know we are going to see these guys in the end. We are going to take this ‘W' in stride."

(on Broncos CB Darrent Williams)
"He will bounce back. I have seen him on film and he makes plays all the time. I am not going to apologize to him. I am going to work just like he is going to work. When I am out there I just refuse to lose no matter who is on the other side of me. Like I said, my number was called today and he was on me."

(on facing the Broncos defense)
"We go to work no matter who was out there. We practice hard and I am sure those guys practice hard too. We know that those guys are going to bring out the best in us. We just have to stay focused and limit our mistakes. That is a good team over there."


(on end of the game field goals)
"They are never easy. You always have to go out there and refocus yourself and put them through. I have all the confidence in the world in the guys up front blocking and I knew Justin Snow and Hunter Smith are going to do a good job. It makes my job a little bit easier knowing that the ball is going to be where it is suppose to be and I can concentrate on the kick."

(on winning close games)
"It doesn't get old. Sometimes you prefer to win by 35 and be able to sit back and enjoy it. But a win is a win anyway you can get it."

(on touchbacks)
"I like the Denver thin air. There was good weather today and the elevation helps a little bit. I will take them, that is for sure."


(general comments)
"We wished we would have finished the first half drives a little bit better and not had to settle for field goals. But we knew if we just kept playing hard things would work out for us. I know Reggie Wayne played well. Are receivers did a good job of getting first downs and keeping drives alive. We ran the ball well so we were hitting it and it was a lot of fun."

(on "Statement" Games)
"It's a little early for ‘Statement' games. Two good football teams competed tonight. It was a great finish and a lot of fun. I am sure we will see these guys again."


(on Denver's running game)
"It didn't matter who it was, they have a great offense and great running backs so we just had to go out there and make tackles and execute."

(on things to work on)
"There are some things to work on. Like I said earlier in the week, we have a lot of young guys and its going to take some adjustments and it is new for them."

(on the Colts' offense)
"We have a great offense and they did a good job of coming up with the game. We did a good job of holding them to a field goal in that last series. We had to make some adjustments."

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