Colts vs Patriots: Injury List Mania

The Patriots are famous for it. And the Colts have followed suit this season. Both teams have listed 18 players on their injury lists, setting the tone for what should be yet another wild Indy versus New England matchup.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

On the surface, that appears to be the philosophy of the Colts this year, who have had to put up with the Patriots' past practice of seemingly listing any player who has the sniffles or the slightest boo-boo on their injury list while keeping a tight-lipped policy about talking about injuries. And yes, for those of you wondering, quarterback Tom Brady is once again on the Patriots injury list. I've simply given up trying to keep track of how many weeks he's been a standard entry on that report with a shoulder injury over the last couple of years. But hey, at least this week he's "probable". Imagine that, after his passing performance Monday night against Minnesota.

The Colts continue to be more willing to discuss the progress of many of their players, even if they're vague about it at times. But based on the fact that they've had close to 20 players on their injury list each week this year, it appears that their philosophy towards who gets included on the list from week to week has changed a bit since last year. Perhaps they're simply trying to force the league's hand to get more serious about making all the teams do a better job at keeping the reports as accurate as possible. Whatever the reason is, it's created an injury list mania situation this week as the teams put 18 players each on their lists.

The Patriots took it to a new level today though, stating that 17 of their 18 players on the list missed at least a portion of Wednesday's practice. That's probably due in part to the fact that they just came off a Monday night game, but it likely caused some snickering in Foxboro as they filed the report with the NFL, allowing them to mask which players truly aren't able to perform until after Thursday's practice.

Perhaps the most significant news on the Colts injury report is the absence of Ryan Lilja, who played at left guard during the second half of last Sunday's game in Denver, and the addition of right tackle Ryan Diem who has an upper arm injury. The secondary also needs some better news as the week goes on since safety Bob Sanders and cornerback Nick Harper both missed practice on Wednesday.

To view the full injury report for both teams and our associated comments, just click here.

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