Vinatieri: "It's Going to Be Fun"

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri returns to Foxboro for the first time this Sunday wearing a different uniform. Find out what he had to say about the upcoming experience as Indianapolis prepares for a huge AFC matchup.

(on if he has thought about his emotions going back to New England)
"It will be a lot of fun…Obviously, I have a lot of friends over there, so before the game I'll probably see and talk to a few of them, but once the game starts, it should be business as usual."

(on New England fans being passionate and if he has thought about the reception he will get)
"They are passionate. There's a lot of Red Sox fans and Patriot fans and all of that out there. They love their sports. They're loud and crazy, which makes it fun. A few of them may give me a thumbs up before I'm even out there, but I expect once the game starts, it's business as usual and most of the time that means yelling at the opposing team as much as you can. So, I guess it is what it is."

(on if he thinks of the scenario of kicking a game-winning field goal at New England like he did last week at Denver)
"You always have to be prepared for whatever your role is. You never know if it's going to come down to a field goal at the end or if you're on the sidelines cheering your team on,if it's the offense or defense. So, I guess we'll prepare the best we can for whatever situation we have, and if it happens that way, we move forward. And if it doesn't, I'll be cheering."

(on how different it is with the Colts compared to the Patriots and for him on an everyday basis)
"There's a lot of similarities between the two locker rooms because you have two teams that have a lot of really good players that have good leadership, that go out and practice and watch film and play well. So, that's why both teams have been very successful in past years. It should be a fun game. It's one of 16 regular season games, but it's going to be meaningful for both teams, both teams playing well. It will separate the two a little bit come later in the year."

(on if it's a game he circled on his calendar)
"Obviously, it will be a fun game and a special game for me, but ultimately this game is no more or less important than some of the other AFC games that we'll be playing. I mean, they're all important."

(on his relationship with his holder and long snapper-- Hunter Smith and Justin Snow with Colts)
"I've been very fortunate and very spoiled the past going on 11 years now that I've had great guys to work with. Lonie Paxton and Josh Miller (in New England) are very, very good at what they do and they helped me along the way to make my job easier. I'm equally as fortunate now because Justin and Hunter do a fantastic job also. Obviously, without those guys doing a good job, it makes my job a lot harder. So, with as good as they do it, it makes it so you don't have to focus in on any of the other stuff except just kicking the ball."

(on last week's game-winning field goal in Denver and if it felt any different because it was his first with the Colts)
"It's never easy. It's always kind of the same situation. You have to go out there and kick it no matter where you're at or what you're doing or what the circumstances are. Sometimes the first kick of the first quarter is equally as important as the last one at the end. I've been fortunate that this team has been winning games and gave me an opportunity at the end to help out a little bit."

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