Dungy's Post-Practice Comments

After practice on Wednesday, Colts head coach Tony Dungy said Sunday's matchup with New England will be a game of execution. Find out what he had to say about New England's adjustments, the versatility of their linebackers and more!

(opening post-practice comments)
"Obviously, it's going to be a fun week and something we're looking forward to. New England is playing very well and had a great showing on Monday Night, and we know we're going to have to be ready. So, it's a case of both teams knowing each other pretty well and it will be a game of execution. I think our guys are looking forward to it. They practiced well today, and it should be a good game."

(on it seeming that New England adjusts offensive schemes and game plans more week to week than most teams…does that make it difficult to prepare for?)
"They have a lot of different packages. They kind of filter their way through the game and use all of them and then seem to stay with what works. But they have a lot of different ways they can attack you, and it's pretty effective."

(on if this game is a little more important with possible playoff home-field advantage on the line)
"A little too early, really, to think about that. It's important for us. We're trying to stay ahead of Jacksonville in our division, but it is a great measuring-stick game. You'll see where we are and how much we've improved. I think we've improved from the first of October, but we'll get a chance to see because we're playing another division leader. As far as playoffs and where all of that is going to shake out, probably a little too early to think about that."

(on how much the versatility of their linebackers affects the pass protection or if they know the Patriots enough that it's not a big deal)
"It is a big deal because they can bring a lot of different people. They have a lot of different rushers. They have four linebackers that can all rush and sack the quarterback. Rodney Harrison is a guy that can come, so they can do a lot of things out of their 3-4 look and that's what makes it effective."

(on New England's linebackers)
"Obviously, you have one guy in (Junior) Seau that's a definite Hall-of-Fame guy, and he just got there. (Tedy) Bruschi, (Mike) Vrabel, those guys know the system, and not only are they good players but they've been in it so long they know exactly what they're doing. Rosevelt Colvin has kind of taken over for (Willie) McGinest, and he's another good player. But I think it's their versatility, the fact that they're all strong guys, they can all take on blocks and shed people, they can all drop in pass coverage and they can all rush. So being so versatile is probably what makes them."

(on New England being so successful at picking up free agents and picking up the right pieces)
"They have a good system, and it is kind of amazing how guys can come in there and play well right off the bat. Usually it's going to take you a while to get going, but they seem to do that. Guys come in and fit in pretty well."

(on if the game-winning kick at Denver is why the Colts got Adam Vinatieri)
"It is. No question about it, you feel like you're going to be in big games, you're going to be in situations where you're going to need to make kicks. We have a lot of confidence in Adam. We had a lot of confidence in Mike (Vanderjagt) when he was here, so it kind of carries on the tradition. It's probably been eight, nine years now that I think the Colts have felt pretty good that when you go out and need to have a kick, that you're going to make it."

(on if the Colts needed the win last year at New England)
"It probably was good, but I don't think it was absolutely necessary. You want to try to win everywhere. We've been pretty good on the road and hadn't been good there. So, the fact that we won last year probably helps from that standpoint."

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