Belichick Conference Call Highlights

During his weekly conference call with the media, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick fielded questions about rookie RB Laurence Maroney and veteran DB Rodney Harrison, executing new game plans from week to week, his past success against the Colts, and more!

(on another big game between the Patriots and Colts)
"Yes, another undefeated Colts team coming into Foxboro, so the same storyline. We've heard that one before."

(on if playing the Colts in a big rivalry-type game gets old)
"They're tough. They do a good job. They do a lot of things well, and it will be a big challenge for us this week. They're undefeated, they've played real well at the end of games and done what they needed to do to win them."

(on if he feels they are going to win if they run the ball more effectively than their opponent)
"We just try to score points, and that's the most important thing. So, however you score them, however you come up with the ball and score points, that's really what we try to do. I don't care if we run or throw it, it doesn't matter. Sometimes the defense dictates that. I think, really, watching the Colts play, it's the same thing. They run it when it's advantageous to run and they throw it when it's advantageous to throw."

(on if this is the best running game he has had with RBs-Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney)
"I think we have good depth in the backfield, yes, Kevin (Faulk), Laurence (Maroney), Corey (Dillon), Heath (Evans). They work well together, it's a good group to work with and they've been productive for us."

(on what the Patriots saw in RB-Laurence Maroney and what has he brought to the offense)
"He's a good runner. He's been able to make some tough yards. He's also been able to make some long runs, and he's given us good depth at the position, with Corey and Kevin and Heath. They've worked well together, and Laurence, he's certainly given us some depth and some quality plays, as have the other backs."

(on what he points to regarding his success against the Colts and Peyton Manning)
"Point to this game, this matchup. It's how we can try to play well Sunday night. I'm not too worried about what's happened in the past. A lot of circumstances are different, so it doesn't really matter. It's just about what we can do this time."

(on how they are successful executing a new game plan from week to week instead of sticking with what they do)
"We just try to do the things within our system that we feel like will be the best things we can do against that particular opponent for that particular week. There is really nothing, a set magic about it or anything. We try to do what we think is best, and the players try to execute it the best they can. It's not anything that's all that calculated on a week-to-week basis. It's calculated based on each opponent and each game, not something that we want to do different this week because we did something else last week. It's more of how to play that particular team with our team."

(on how much playoff seedings are a factor in this weekend's matchup)
"We're not even halfway through the season, so I'm not too worried about that. I'm just trying to find a way to give our team a chance against the Colts, improve, try to play a competitive game against them."

(on how much of his ‘magic' is finding the right guys to fit when looking at free agents)
"Any time you add players to your team, you want to try to find players that will have a solid role for you. Sometimes, that's bigger than others and I don't think there's anything magic about it. You look at what your options are and try to take people you think will fit into what you're doing."

(on if DB-Rodney Harrison is a good example of that -- fitting into what the Patriots do)
"I just think when you add a player to your team, you add them because you think they can help you. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't, but that's the idea. You hope that happens, but I don't think age or experience or where they came from or any of those things are a criteria. You just weigh everything together and if you think the player can help your football team, then you are interested in them. Sometimes you sign them, sometimes you don't. If you don't think they can, then you try to find somebody else."

(on DB-Rodney Harrison and his comeback from his knee injury last season)
"Rodney is a very hard-working player and very determined. He's worked extremely hard over the last year-plus. I think that he's done a great job of giving us leadership and a lot of positive plays out there on the field. He's totally respected by everybody in this organization, players, coaches, trainers, everybody that deals with him. So it's great to have him back out there this year."

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