Ed Thompson's Blog: 11/6, Update 3

Update 3 shares some of Patriots quarterback's Tom Brady's thoughts on Sunday nights' game...

Update 3: Brady on the Colts Defense

After the Colts grabbed five turnovers in the game, Patriots QB Tom Brady was asked if the Colts defense did things differently than expected. He said that they hadn't, that it was more a matter of poor execution by the Patriots. But he did mix in a couple of compliments for Indianapolis while lodging a mild protest over the Corey Dillon fumble call.

"They got their hands on the ball," he said of the Colts. "I think Corey [Dillon's] fumble was very close. We all thought Corey was on the ground.

"The one interception I forced down there -- the first interception. The second one the ball was batted up. The third one the ball was batted up. The fourth one the ball was batted up. So, they were around the ball. They have good speed and aggressiveness on defense. They got their hands on it. They didn't drop any."

Brady was also complimentary of his position opponent, Peyton manning.

"He is one of the best in the league. One of the best of all time," he said. "He plays well and he had some real nice throws tonight. We got a lot of pressure on him tonight and he stands in there and makes all of the throws. He played very well, as you would expect."

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Update 2: Manning Opening it Up

Maybe the Colts have come to the realization that they are going to need to throw a bit more aggressively than they were willing to admit at the beginning of the season. I'm not talking about in number of attempts here, I'm talking about the depth of the passes.

Since returning from their bye week, the average gain per completion has been significantly higher than the trend earlier in the year. Against Washington, Peyton Manning averaged 9.77 yards per completion. Then against Denver he averaged 8.85 yards and against the Patriots on Sunday that bounced back up to 9.06 yards.

But get this...other than the laugher against the Texans in Week 2, Manning was averaging as low as 5.35 yards per completion (vs Tennessee) to no higher than 7.23 per completion against the Jets.

It looks like the team may have realized during the bye week that more medium and deep routes needed to creep into the rotation to force opponents to abandon the run a bit earlier in the game.

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Update 1: Patriots Players' Reactions

Pats cornerback Ellis Hobbs was obviously as impressed by the Marvin Harrison tipped touchdown catch as the rest of us, even though it came at his expense.

"That is why Marvin is Marvin," he said after the game. "Peyton and Marvin have this connection where he put it where no one else can get it. He almost put it so well that even Marvin couldn't get it.

"I guess his little skinny frame and length on him got him the ball. That happens … good plays happen. My hats off to him."

I don't know why I'm not a fan of Tedy Bruschi. Maybe it's just because the media over-hyped him after his heart problem that he valiantly overcame to return to the game. The overexposure is probably similar to what Pats fans feel about Peyton Manning, although as a Colts fan I find that grossly unfair. Go figure. Here's what Bruschi had to say following the game…

"It hurts right now to lose a game like that. It is a rivalry with that team in the other locker room, especially to see Adam [Vinatieri] kick for them and everything. You want to beat this team," he said. "For them to come in here and beat us, it hurts a little bit."

I'll bet. Especially after the media pumped up the Patriots defense and their rushing attack as the difference-makers that were going to help New England drop the Colts to 7-1. Did you catch NBC's Cris Collinsworth right before the game? The longtime seemingly anti-Colts announcer praised Tom Brady and the lack of run defense by the Colts before the game while projecting a Patriots victory. I guess he gets paid to express his opinion, not to be an accurate prognosticator.

Here's some music to the ears of every Colts fan compliments of Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin who was asked about the 44-yard pass completion on third down early in the game that fueled the Colts' first touchdown drive.

"They are the greatest team in football and that's what happens when you're the greatest team," he said. "They proved it and came in here and gave it to us and they are going home happy."

Keep that "greatest team in football" quote handy for the next time the nutty Patriots fan at work or in your neighborhood starts spouting off about New England being a better team. And if he launches into a Brady versus Manning debate, just remember two numbers – 4 and 34.0 – Brady's interceptions and his QB rating Sunday night. He'll mutter something about Brady's rings, but then you can just nod knowlingly and tell him he has to stop living in the past like that and offer to loan him your CD single of Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days".

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