Manning Post-Practice Quotes

Peyton Manning talked to the media following Wednesday's practice about former teammate Larry Tripplett, center Jeff Saturday, him mobility as a quarterback and much more!

(on how he would rate his mobility as a quarterback)
"I wouldn't really rate it, but it's something that we do spend some time working on here with the quarterbacks. Sure, you would love to have a perfect pocket every single time, and most of the time we do, but there can be a lot of big plays made once you scramble out because a linebacker or defensive back, they will take their eyes off the defender for one second and then, boom, Marvin Harrison slips by them deep on the first third down the other day. Then, Dallas (Clark) kind of got in a little seam and had a 35-yard play. So, obviously, you go through your progression and try to deliver the ball on time. But if something is not quite right…a lot of times you move when the defense does have the play covered just right, and you say, ‘Well, let me move and maybe make this defender leave the receiver.' We have hit some big plays this year due to some scrambling. So, it's something that we work on. Obviously, I'm never going to be confused with Donovan (McNabb) or Michael (Vick) or anybody, but it's something that you do spend a little time on, throwing on the run, because there can be some big plays made down the field."

(on what taught him his mobility growing up)
"My dad did throw a lot on the run in college. They kind of ran a sprint-out type of offense. Pro ball, he probably did more so by force as opposed to by choice, running away from defenders. He could run a lot better than I could. He always threw well on the run. I think that's kind of an art. There are a lot of missed passes on the run…It's about trying to get away, but also trying to get your body lined up toward the target. So, I guess that is one thing that my dad did teach me at an early age, even though I did realize I wasn't going to be able to do it a ton. But when I do get on the run, I do try to get my body lined up, my shoulders lined up toward the target because the worst thing is to have someone open and you miss him because your feet aren't in the right place or your shoulders aren't in the right place. So, I have to give a lot of credit, that's something my dad taught me at an early age and I still have a few tips that I remember that he taught me. I still keep those with me today."

(on how he and C-Jeff Saturday have developed as a tandem)
"Just the great consistency that we've had there, not only every single game but every single practice for so many years, a lot of communication, a lot of conversations. Our lockers are right here next to each other for a reason. We spend a lot of time talking about what we expect from the defense, what he expects to do and what I want to do. Therefore, we're on the same page and when Sunday comes around and it's loud and there's a lot of chaos going on, he and I feel comfortable communicating there. He certainly has made my job a lot easier over the years and I'm thankful for him being my center every single day."

(on C-Jeff Saturday)
"Since my third year, his second year here with the team, he has really kind of been the guy for the mainstay. He's played guard before for us. In the playoff game (Jan. 4, 2004 vs. Denver), I never thought he got enough credit for shifting to (right) guard in an actual playoff game. That was a great move by him, and it shows you his flexibility. For what all we do offensively, with our communication and audibles, he has kind of his own language after that. Finally, he got the credit that he deserved for some time last year, getting to go to Hawaii (Pro Bowl). I certainly expect the same this year, because he's playing at a high level. And half the time, his head is down because we're on a silent count on the road. I mean, think about playing a game where you really can't see. I still don't think he gets quite enough credit, but certainly in this lockeroom he does."

(on if DT-Larry Tripplett has helped Buffalo's defense)
"You see Larry popping up on film. Playing against (Redskins LB-) Marcus Washington and (Titans LB-) David Thornton, this is our third time playing against a guy that's familiar with our team and our philosophies. You see him making a difference on that team flying around, a very active guy that just reminds you of the defensive linemen we have here, how active they are and high-energy guys. He's really helping out their ball team, I think."

(on how ready he is for the undefeated talk to start up again)

"I really haven't thought a whole lot about it, to tell you the truth. With the schedule we have and the teams we're playing, you enjoy a win, but you come in the next day, though, and pop on the tape of the next opponent and you see a whole different style of defense and different things you have to get ready for. So, I think it helps the fact that you're playing each week and you're playing against different opponents, but we're playing some unfamiliar opponents this year, which presents a whole new challenge. It's not like playing a division game where you feel very, very familiar with the defenses. These are brand new players Buffalo has, and new defenses that we have to get ready for. So, it's kind of the old boring answer, ‘One week at a time,' but that's how we've always done it and that's how we need to keep doing it."

(on if taking it one week at a time is how the Colts have remained consistent)
"I think the way the practice schedule is laid out and our attention to detail, that's something that's part of (Head) Coach (Tony) Dungy's coaching philosophy, I think. And the team has bought into that. We talk about getting better each week, and that's something (Offensive Coordinator) Tom Moore talks about a lot. You feel like you have good players, you have to have good players, but you feel like you truly try to get better every single week and hope that maybe some wins should follow with that. That's something we need to continue to do. We need to continue to improve on protecting the ball and being better in our penalty discipline and being better down in the red zone. You feel like if you can do that, then hopefully good things should follow."

(on Miami defeating Chicago as an example that any team can beat another on any given Sunday)
"Exactly. Chicago loses to a team that had one win coming in. I didn't see the game, but just looking at highlights, it sounded like Miami made a lot of plays. Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, those guys are all-star players. It's the same thing, Buffalo has Takeo Spikes and London Fletcher, Nate Clements. These guys are all outstanding football players. Especially in the middle of the season, you kind of get to where you don't even know what the team's record is, you really don't. I know that Buffalo beat Green Bay last week pretty soundly and made some critical turnovers against one of the top quarterbacks in football. That's really all I need to know that tells me they're a good defense. Really what they're record is is kind of irrelevant. It's how you play on that particular Sunday."

(on if the media attention is something he is looking forward to again)
"I think it's something you have to deal with. It's part of the job of being a professional football player, that you keep your priorities in order and you realize what's important. The main thing I think is try to do the same things that you do every single week. I think most players like to stay in a routine. I try to come in here at the same time every Wednesday and try to keep my same routine. If that's what it did for you in Week 1 or Week 3 and it worked, then hopefully that will work here in Weeks 8 and 9. That's kind of part of the process."

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