Colts Q&A With Tyjuan Hagler

Tyjuan Hagler talks about his experience up in New England against the Patriots and shares his thoughts on preparing for the Buffalo Bills...and much more in this exclusive interview with ColtPower's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: What'd you do over your bye week?

Tyjuan Hagler: I just went home to Kankakee, Illinois -- it's about forty-five minutes south of Chicago -- to relax, I was tired and feeling worn out from camp.

ET: How big is your family?

TH: I have one brother and two sisters and we're all pretty close. I'm the third child. I have a younger sister and the other two are older. They love it when I come home and I love it when they come down to visit me. I'm so happy I'm so close to home that they can come visit whenever they want.

ET: Let's talk about the New England game.  I heard you had a pretty long haul to and from the stadium up at Foxboro.

TH: Oh man, that was the longest ride ever. It was about forty-five minutes.

ET: Why do you guys have to stay so far away?

TH: It's really because there isn't much around. All you see are a few houses and stuff, and you'd never think there was a stadium behind the houses, because it's in the back of a neighborhood. I was wondering while we were driving "where are we going?"

ET: What was the atmosphere like up there in Foxboro? Had you ever sensed anything like that before?

TH: Yeah I had, playing against West Virginia in college. But it's kind of a hostile crowd. They are very loud and they were trying to sort of get at us, so we just had to block them out and focus on the game.

ET: What was it like being in the locker room after the win over the Patriots?

TH: Everybody was so happy. Actually no one was really focused on the game because our coach told us to be very humble about everything. So we were talking about other things besides the game. We were very happy that we won, don't get me wrong, but conversation wasn't really about the game.

ET: The Colts were having some tough spots where it seemed like just once a game for a few weeks, teams were getting one big play against them. That hasn't happened since you got into the line-up has it?

TH: You know what I hadn't even thought about it. They better keep dressing me every week then because we've got to keep that going -- even though I honestly had never thought about that (laughs).

ET: Well you're either a good luck charm or a guy who's helping make it happen; so I think it'd be smart for them to keep you out there.

TH: Exactly, it's got to be one of the two (laughs).  I think it'll benefit the team a lot to keep me out there.

ET: What have you been hearing about the Buffalo Bills so far? They've obviously been struggling a bit, so how are the Colts approaching this game?

TH: We need to approach it the same way we approached the Patriots game. We need to come in with a level head. It's the NFL so those players in there are going to be good players. Tennessee gave us a real run for our money when we played them and I don't think they'd won a game at that point, so we can't go into a game thinking "oh, their good players are down so we can kind of cruise through the game" -- we can't go into it like that at all or else we'll get beat.

ET: Have you guys been talking much about what Miami accomplished against Chicago last week?

TH: That was something I was about to say, no one ever thought that was going to happen. Our coaches don't talk about stuff like that, but they always tell us you've got to stay humble, you can't get a big head about anything -- because we could have a year like last year where we went 13-0 and then got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. So we've got to stay humble and stay hungry.

ET: Anything else I can pass on to the fans right now?

TH: Just don't give up on me. I'm working my way up and I'm definitely ready to take on whatever role the coaches give me that helps this team.

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