Colts Q&A With Freddy Keiaho, Part 2

Our interview with Colts linebacker Freddy Keiaho continues...

ET: What was the feedback from your coaches after watching the film from the second half of the New England game?

FK: The first period (third quarter) I was running around kind of crazy, but I settled down and ended up playing some pretty good football and the right call most of the time.

ET: What did you see on that play where you really stuffed running back Kevin Faulk?

FK: I was a hook-dropper in nickel coverage. We read the quarterback and I dropped to my landmark and saw that he was looking downfield. And then he looked real quick and released to Kevin Faulk instead. I came up so quickly on him he really didn't have any room to make a move, and I ended up just getting a good hit on him.

ET: You're taking advantage of every opportunity you get out there. Your three tackles special teams tackles this past week was a single game high for you and you forced a fumble...

FK: I believe so...I don't know, I don't really look at the stats too much.

ET: What do you feel you're doing better out there on special teams that's helping your performance?

FK: Just getting healthier and feeling more confident in my knee (that he injured during the preseason). I'd say right after the bye week was the first time I really felt good about my knee and that's just going to keep me feeling more confident in the system and just saying "hey, just cut it loose and make plays."

ET: How do you make the decision to just plow a guy over like you did against Faulk verses trying to strip the ball out like you did this week on a kickoff return against the Bills?

FK: I think it's a matter of position. If you have great position on somebody, you're not going to miss any tackles and, in the same sense, if you don't have good position you're going to miss the tackle -- so you at least do what you can to grab at the ball. In practice we work a lot on pursuit angles and taking away the advantage of the running back.

ET: What do you feel the Bills did really well against the Colts on Sunday?

FK: They flooded the passing lanes. When you have the linebackers playing six and eight yards deep when we snap the ball you're going to take away our biggest threat which is Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison and our all of our passing game. They wanted to slow the game down, so they did things like getting into a pro formation on third and seventeen and running a draw. They were just playing not to lose and were banking on us making mistakes. When you do that, you're going to shorten the game up and give Peyton less opportunities and that's what teams really want to do.

ET: Is there anything else I can pass onto the fans for you?

FK: Just that we're playing hard and please support everybody and our team.

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