Six Points With Ben Utecht

Ben Utecht talks about his role in last weekend's game against Buffalo, what it's going to take for the Colts to win this Sunday, his perspective on facing another 3-4 defense, and more in this exclusive interview for our Insiders!

Ed Thompson: Did you have any anticipation going into the game last Sunday that Buffalo's defense would play you that way or that you would be used that heavily?

Ben Utecht: Well, you have to prepare every week like you're going to be used that heavily, so everyone of us is prepared for it. That's how we practice and we cover all of those facets throughout the week. We did know Buffalo was really going to come after us and they have some great defensive linemen - their defensive ends are great pass rushers - and we knew we were going to have to protect well so Peyton could get the ball out of his hands.

ET: I noticed you, Howard Mudd, and Peyton were looking at some photos on the sidelines pretty early in the game. What was going on early in the game that you guys were noticing?

BU: A lot of the pictures give you a great perspective of the schemes that the defense is throwing at you and, in that situation, we were just looking to make sure we had everything blocked up correctly on some of our pass protections. The Bills did a good job, they played a lot of Cover 2, a lot of zone, and forced us to run the ball. Both of our running backs did a great job.

ET: You've had to face a number of very impressive defensive lineman in the first half of this season. Who are a couple of guys, off the top of your head, that you're just not looking forward to lining up across from again in the near future?

BU: Well, it was intimidating going against the Giants and their defensive ends. I mean, these guys are Pro Bowlers and guys you've watched on film while in high school and college. Everyday you're faced with these guys and everybody's good. One of the guys we faced against the Bills - Aaron Schobel - is one of the leading sack guys in the league right now. He's a strong guy, really quick off the ball and those are the toughest guys; the defensive ends that are going to come at you with speed and agility. Those are the ones you always want to make sure that you have your fundamentals and techniques down perfectly before you go up against them.

ET: You have Dallas on the horizon this week. What's it going to take for the Colts to come out victorious?

BU: Well, we were watching film of them and Dallas has a lot of talent. They have a strong defense -- they play a 3-4 like the Jets and New England -- so they have a defense that we've faced and we just need to make sure we attack this week as we have through the first half of the year. That means focusing on getting better each week, making sure our fundamentals and techniques are sound and playing efficiently. I think one thing we want to improve on from last week is being more efficient with the little things and that goes for making all of your catches and making all your blocks and not having any turnovers. I had a fumble in last week's game and that's something I have control over and I can fix -- and those little things are what it's going to take to win games.

ET: At your position in this offense, does the 3-4 offer you any more challenges or perhaps even opportunities than facing a 4-3 defense?

BU: Both have their benefits and you have to prepare differently for each. It opens up the game for some different runs and different pass looks, and I think we're getting comfortable playing against a 3-4. We're going to have to take the same attitude we did against New England and prepare well for the 3-4 defense and execute.

Q: Is there anything else I can pass on to the fans for you at this point?

BU: I just want them to understand what a blessing it is for me to be able to play this game and what a thrill it is to be able to have them enjoy it and be supportive. It's something I don't ever want to take for granted and I know how short-lived it can be; so I just really appreciate their support.

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