Tony Romo: Conference Call Highlights

During his conference call with the media, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo talked about wide receiver Terrell Owens, the Colts' defense, the valuable advice he received a few weeks ago and more!

(on good numbers in first three starts, but not perfect according to Coach Parcells)
"It's always going to be like that. There's no reason to build someone up. If you build someone up, they've got nowhere to go but down. So, we're all on an even keel around here and we understand that's the way coach is, that's the way he's always coached and that's the way you should. As soon as I feel content with the way I'm playing, I'm probably not going to get much better. I know that there are things I have to improve upon and each week I go out there to try and get better at what I didn't do the week before or two weeks before. You just have to work hard and get yourself to a position to hopefully one day play at a really high level every week."

(on improvements since first game against the Giants)
"Well I just think your first time going out there it's just different. I mean, I don't know how to explain it. When you are playing from behind as well, it's different. You are trying to probably put the ball in a few different spots that you probably wouldn't in a normal game because you have to manage the game. After that week I heard from Chuck Fairbanks who used to coach the Patriots back in the day, and he comes to our training camp each year and he called me up and he told me ‘As a quarterback in the National Football League, you have to not lose the game before you can win it.' He was right on, and that's the approach I've taken each game into the games."

(on relationship with Terrell Owens)
"We've always been okay with each other, its not like me and him just like each other now because I'm playing now or something. He's always been a guy who likes to talk football and I'm the same way. I'm kind of a football guy 24/7 here and anyone who wants to talk about it, wants to ‘Hey let's do this on this route,' or ‘let's talk about what these guys are doing,' that's the way I kind of am and I gravitate toward people that are like that as well. And Terry Glenn, TO, Jason Witten, those guys are all like that. We all sit around and talk about what we think is going to happen, what we are trying to do, what trying to accomplish, all this stuff. It's fun for us."

(on Terrell Owens using up quarterbacks)
"I only go by what I can see and what's going on around me, and from my perspective, if I never knew anything, I'm just happy with everything that's happened. He's not going to be perfect and I'm not going to be perfect. For every ball that someone drops, I'm going to overthrow them at some point when they're open. So, we understand that with each other. It's just a matter of letting the guy know ‘It's my bad, I'll get you on the next one,' and that person will pick you up on the next one. That's how we play the game."

(on getting Terrell Owens his touches)
"No, I don't play the game that way. I've always just told the guys, all three of them or four of them, the first guy that gets open and I see you, I'll let the ball go and you're going to get the ball. Whether I go to a guy 10 straight times in a row or I don't see him for entire half or game, I mean that's just how the game is played. You have to go through your reads, go through your checks and, hey, if you get open and I see you, the ball is coming out."

(on being far from Charleston, Ill. and O'Brien Stadium, ever think a chance like this would come along)
"I don't know that you think about it like that. I always just try to improve each year to one day get a chance to play, and it's exciting, but at the same point it's something you've worked for a long time so you think you can do it."

(on sitting the bench for the last two years and waiting his turn)
"Once again, I didn't think about it like I was sitting the bench waiting for my turn. What I felt was, hey, you know, I was going to be prepared for when the time came that I could be successful and I didn't want to lose out on when the opportunity came, I didn't want to look back and say ‘Hey, I wish I would have done this or worked a little harder.' So I'm prepared to come in here and play and I take that over into each week now."

(on how he describes his mobility)
"I don't really think about it, I guess I don't have a word to describe it, I just try and not get sacked or try not to get hit too much."

(on the Colts defense and pass rush)
"I think they have an outstanding, outstanding front seven really. Obviously it all starts with (Dwight) Freeney there up front and (Robert) Mathis is definitely a game-wrecker, too. So, you have to be prepared for them and do some things to keep them off-balance, but at the same point there are a lot of good players in this league that you play each week. We know going into this game that they get off the ball very quickly and we just have to try and minimize the mistakes that they basically create with their speed."

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